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I went to Knee High Stocking Company for a friend's birthday party last night, with a group that's comfortable enough to pass drinks around for everyone to taste, so I got to try a few different things. Knee High is a speakeasy that serves prohibition-era cocktails, or at least so they claim--I don't know enough about cocktail history to be sure of how authentic these are. Anyway, I wanted to take note of the ones I've tried for next time.

Hammock Between the Sugar Cane: Zaya 12-year rum, Barbancourt 9-year rum, coconut, falernum, lime. This was mindblowing. With the caveat that I don't go out for fancy cocktails very often, I would call it the best cocktail I've ever had.

Laura Palmer: gin, Earl Grey, lemon, Coke. I don't like gin or Coke (this was a sip of someone else's drink, obviously) but this was actually pretty good. The flavors were interesting together.

Buffalo Cider: bourbon, cider, lemon. This just tasted like cider to me (good cider, but not really worth 10+ bucks), although some of the people who don't drink much said they tasted a strong alcohol burn.

Painkiller: rum, orange, pineapple, cream of coconut. Basically a pina colada--I couldn't really taste the orange. Good pina colada, though.

To the Moon: rum, blood orange liqueur, lime, cardamom bitters. This was okay, but tasted a little like orange rind.

Drinks I might like to try in the future (because they change up the menu a lot, so these might not be listed next time, but they're still willing to make whatever):

Grape-Beri Knee High: raspberry Stoli, Chambord, lemon, soda, optional absinthe.
Pimento: brandy, St. Germain, olive juice, lemon, 1-5 spiciness range.
Spanish coffee (waitress recommended): coffee, brandy, Kahlua, cinnamon, caramelized sugar rim, fire.
The Wry Grin: rye, Fernet-Branca, lemon, bitters, mint.
Old Cuban: dark rum, lime, champagne, mint.
Deep Sleeper: 12-year rum, Cointreau, port, lemon.

There was a tequila one I was thinking about trying, too, but I don't see it on the website and I don't remember what was in it.
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