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Aunt Amanda and I took off bright and early to get to Sarah Lawrence for the ten o'clock tour. Our tour guide was a bit over the top, but I really liked the college. They don't do tests, and instead of finals, you have to write a 15-20-page paper for each class. Also, we were warned that standardized test scores are disregarded entirely in the admissions process. Not that my scores are bad, but I like that attitude. The college in general reminded me quite a bit of Reed.

We had to leave the tour a few minutes early to get to Vassar. I didn't get to spend nearly as long as I would have liked to spend there, and we only went to an info session, not a tour. It was enough to give me the sense that I would like the school, but not enough that I could write a "Why Vassar" essay or anything. And their financial aid doesn't look good.

Then came Bard. Holy crap. I admit that after a few tours, colleges start to seem a bit alike, but not Bard. The most unique thing about it is the Learning and Thinking workshop, which is two weeks before the beginning of official classes that the freshmen spend reading, writing, getting to know each other, and getting used to campus life before being dumped into the semester. It was going on while we were there, and the students all looked happy. There were a lot of other things I liked about it, too, not least of which was the flexibility shown by the admissions representative (as opposed to Columbia, where they practically threatened to throw my application in the trash if I include any kind of supplemental information whatsoever).

After the tour, we ate dinner at the Roasted Garlic Restaurant. The food was awesome, and I talked to a Bard sophomore who gave me his e-mail address. Then we drove all the way back to Long Island, where I discovered that Drew (the dog) had gotten into the chocolate I bought on Wednesday. Most of it was white chocolate, so he shouldn't get too sick, but I'm annoyed with myself for leaving it where he could get it. It was good stuff.

All three campuses were absolutely breathtaking. I never knew that New York was so beautiful.
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This is going to have to be quick, because it's midnight and we need to be on the road by eight tomorrow.

After I posted Monday night, at two AM, we were awoken by a fire alarm that went off for no apparent reason. It was deafening and very unpleasant, and we had to wait until the firemen had searched the building thoroughly before we could go back to bed.

Tuesday I visited Brown. I was told that I would love it by several people, so I guess I had high hopes, but it still seemed pretty meh. My tour guide was a frat boy, which might have had something to do with my disappointment- he went into enthusiastic detail about how integrated the fraternities and sororities are with college life, and that's really not what I'm looking for. Plus, they made a big deal of this satisfactory/no credit thing, which doesn't sound like my cup of tea either.

Tuesday afternoon, we took the ferry back to Long Island and I spent the evening hanging out with Leah, Blair, and Blair's boyfriend Mike. We made a fire and toasted random things (not, sadly, including non-gelatinous marshmallows), then Mike left, Blair went to sleep, and Leah and I watched the second half of the third season of Scrubs.

Yesterday Blair and I took the train into the city to see Spamalot, which was excellent and hilarious. If you get a chance to see it, try to nab seat B101. We went to the giant Toys R Us and rode on the Ferris wheel, then met up with Aunt Amanda, Ken, Blair's parents, my friend Rose ([ profile] otherwise_nyc), and Rose's husband Francis for dinner.

Today I visited Columbia with Rose and En ([ profile] ennienyc). En told us all about how Columbia and Barnard have changed since she was there, as well as several slightly disturbing stories of stalking boys from her dorm room. On the tour, I ran into Sky King's daughter, which was completely unexpected. Sky is one of the juggling people Mom knows, and I met her daughter (Krista, I think is her name?) in Portland at IJA this summer. She couldn't stay to chat, but seeing her at all was kind of surreal.

Rose took me to visit her boyfriend Jon, who is definitely quite a catch. He told me about going to Vassar. Then Rose and I went to Chainsaw's house for a very pleasant evening of games and socializing. Telephone Pictionary was fun, and watching En attempt to clue "leather pants" in an odd version of charades was extremely entertaining.

I got on the wrong train to get home (silly me, thinking that a train arriving at 10:59 might be the 11:03 train) but managed to get back here eventually. Tomorrow I'm visiting Sarah Lawrence, Vassar, and Bard. Turns out I will be here for the Haystack on Saturday, but of course all the teams are filled up by now. I hope I can make the dinner.

Oh, and I don't believe that crap about New Yorkers being cold-hearted and cutthroat. When I got on the wrong train, four people plus the conductor made sure I got to where I needed to be.
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Brandeis was fantastic. (Bekah, wouldn't it be awesome if we could finally meet in person by going to the same college?) The campus is gorgeous, and they have a friggin' CASTLE for the sophomores to live in. The academics look really good, too. I'm definitely applying.

Tufts- not so much. It wasn't a bad college, but I don't think it's what I'm looking for.

Harvard impressed me. A lot. I'll probably apply, but I don't intend to get in, and I won't choose it over Amherst or Reed if I have the option. Cram came along and muttered addendums to the tour, which was both informative and amusing, and Aunt Amanda scratched her shopping itch by buying me a Harvard T-shirt.

Somebody else wants to use the lobby's computer, and the wireless is on the fritz, so I gotta go. Having a blast, love you all! *hugs*

(Notes to self for next time on the computer: you are to sexy and hoolaing)
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Well, not exactly Boston. About twenty minutes out of Boston.

Yesterday we set off on our New England excursion. The schedule has changed a lot since I posted that tentative version. First we went to Wesleyan. I couldn't time it to hit a tour there, but we ran into a student who kindly showed us around a bit. It looks like an okay school, but I don't think I'll apply unless I hear a lot more in its favor. That's a problem with just walking around a campus- you can't really get the feel of a school by looking at its buildings.

Then came Amherst. It was love at first sight. We stopped at a farmers' market and bought a tomato (which we ate in sandwiches today- yummy!) before the tour. The tour guide was smart, likable and knew the answers to almost all of the questions. Amherst is apparently mortal enemies with Williams, which I also wanted to see but ended up not being able to due to scheduling issues. Anyway, the college was absolutely awesome, right up there with Reed, and with a better financial aid policy. I'm definitely applying.

We stopped by Hampshire and picked up a self-tour booklet and other info about the college. There was an organic farming fair going on, and we walked over to check it out. I left with five new buttons for my purse. I'm not sure I like the Hampshire campus very much- it's a bit too rural for me, even right near Amherst- but I really like the descriptions of its academic programs that I read about in the guide. I'd like to talk to a Hampshire graduate before I decide whether or not to apply there. I wish I could have gone on a tour.

I got three phone calls from people today, which made me feel loved: [ profile] palecur, [ profile] draughanten, and Ann (who wanted to know whether I was coming to church today). It was a dead day for colleges, so we drove to Salem and did the touristy witch-hunt things. That place is insane. As we were driving out, I noticed a pirate museum, so we went back and stuck our heads in. We didn't have time to do the tour, which sucked, but we looked around the gift shop. I really wanted to get the "What's Your Poison" shot glass with the Jolly Roger on it.

After briefly getting lost due to Mapquest directions, we met up with some puzzler people for dinner in Cambridge: [ profile] hahathor, her boyfriend Ed, [ profile] cramerica, and Cram's friends Matt and Natasha. It was awesome. I always have a blast with NPL people. Aunt Amanda was very wary at first, claiming to be intimidated by all the intelligence, but I think she ended up having a good time. Cram went to Harvard, so he might be able to come with us on the tour tomorrow.

Speaking of which, I'm visiting three colleges tomorrow: Brandeis, Tufts and Harvard. I have to get up before eight, so I should probably get to bed. Goodnight, all!
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So, my aunt is flying me out to New York from August 11th to August 21st to check out colleges. It looks like we'll be taking two weekend trips while I'm there: one to upstate New York, and one to Massachussetts. Here are the colleges that are on my list right now:

Boston University
Boston College

Obviously, I'm not going to be able to visit all of these in a week and a half. Right now, I'm looking at college websites, College Board and the Princeton Review lists to decide which I want to see the most. Comments are welcome- which colleges should I definitely see? Which should I not bother with? Which aren't on my list but should be?

I'm leaving early tomorrow for San Antonio, and I'll be there until Monday night. I don't know how much internet access I'll have. Oh, and Craig gave me an A despite the fact that I contributed a total of nothing to the last issue. Yay!

EDIT: Also! Spamalot! SQUEE! *dances*
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I got my rejection letter from Reed today.

Okay, let's review. Friend crap on Monday, political crap on Tuesday, relationship crap yesterday, academic crap today, and family crap all week.

I'm actually kind of curious, albeit morbidly so, as to what the universe is going to throw at me tomorrow. Maybe I'll slip and break my arm at Larry's funeral. That sounds like fun.

SAT scores

Apr. 24th, 2006 08:23 am
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Mom is faxing them to Reed right now.

*sigh of relief*
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They've got my application. I checked the status online and saw a couple of things that concerned me a bit (like that it said they didn't have one of the forms that I'm positive I included in the application), but I sent them an e-mail and everything should be okay soon. Hopefully.

There's a new Spectrum issue out. I've got five articles in this one, or rather four and one co-written one:
Advocacy Day, written with Sharai.
The Great Quail Debate, a headline which they unfortunately did not use.
Separation of church and state, based on my reaction to all the religion I saw in the state capital.
Hair dye, something I wrote in ten minutes because I hadn't gone to Jefferson City yet and I needed to turn in an article.

And, of course, the Scott Church interview.

I didn't write any of the headlines, and the misspelling of "artist" in the last one is not my fault. I will try to get that changed ASAP.

EDIT: Oh, and [ profile] palecur- please note that I used the word "flouted" correctly in the church/state article.

EDIT THE SECOND: [ profile] scottchurch is just about the only person on the planet besides [ profile] cfb4629 who can get away with calling me "princess."
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So, Reed sent me a 2005/06 course catalog. I looked through the psychology section- wow. So many awesome classes! I engaged in some wishful thinking. Assuming I'm accepted, I'll need 10 units (classes) of psychology for the major. Two of those are required intro classes and four are core classes (out of seven options- I immediately knew three I want to take, and I'll have to decide on one of the remaining four). That leaves four required psychology units.

Looking through the options for those four classes, I found seven that I have to take if I go to Reed, and an additional eight that I really, really want to take.

Is there such a thing as being too interested in one's major?
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Yep, Clay's hit a dozen. One more year and he'll be a teen. Boggle.

Regardless of the fact that without it I would still be unaware of the fact that the guy who plays Silent Bob also directed "Clerks," there was never meant to be a "Clerks II." And it would suck even without the Halle Berry lookalike.

I got my first paycheck today. Seventy-something bucks, whee. I'm going to pay back some of my Christmas debt to Mom, put some in the bank account, and keep some to buy coffee, because it's rude to go to coffeeshops without buying anything and I'm getting sick of studying in the library.

One of the new French students dropped out because he apparently hadn't taken French 101 (nobody's been able to figure out how he managed to sign up for 102) and the girl from East Central is quite obviously lost (she couldn't figure out what "chien" meant even after Ms. Brandt barked at her, for god's sake), but the other new people seem to be doing well. There's one called Rachel I like a lot, and another one (Tulani? Something like that) has the most awesome, massive, corkscrewy, red-and-black Afro ever. Hair like that makes me wish I was black.

Also, Student Activities. Erica, Dylynda, and Joshua's replacement Shannon were in the office today. Josh won't be leaving until next Friday, but he has barely any hours until then, so I haven't run into him yet. Shannon... she's nice and all, and I like her, but she hasn't really gotten the SAC atmosphere yet. She locks up her desk, her computer when she isn't using it, and the office when no one's there, which nobody ever does, and she wears formal clothes too. I think she'll loosen up, though- she just has to get used to us.

You know when you're in a really good mood and then someone says something and you just plummet to feeling like complete crap in .001 seconds? That's happened to me twice today, once just now. Meh. I did get a promise for a reference letter from Zola, one of my TLC bosses. When I asked, I made sure she knew that it was okay to say no because we haven't known each other all that long... but she told me that I come very well recommended, so she doesn't have any reservations. That was nice, because it means that Mindy, Ms. Sheeley and Dr. Spaulding gave me good references, and I was kind of worried about my reputation with the last two. Casey, one of the English teachers, was working in the writing lab while I was for three hours this morning, and we had a couple of really interesting discussions. I can't remember much of it, because I was practically asleep on my feet, but I'm very much looking forward to Friday mornings from now on.

I uploaded a couple of new icons, including this one, which is a pic taken of me by [ profile] shoutingboy at [ profile] vito_excalibur's birthday party.

Oh, I know what will make me feel better- hair dye! I've been waiting for some free time to do this. I hope you all are well, and I wish you a happy weekend.
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Of course the only day in, like, three semesters that my mom has refused to drive me in to Penn Valley for no reason has to be a) the first day of classes, b) the first day of my job at the TLC, c) the day after I was woken up at 2 AM by a squalling child and couldn't get back to sleep for friggen forever, and d) the day my morning routine was thrown fifteen minutes behind due to my brother's bathroom-stealing.

Despite my family's best efforts, however, I had a fairly good day. )

Mindy, the Student Activities Coordinator, and Nancy Harrington, last semester's honors seminar teacher, have both agreed to write me letters of reference, as well as [ profile] zdmania, who is a graduate of Reed. I have a list of other people to ask as well. The Reed admissions office said I could include more letters of reference than the required number, which they may regret if I get as many as I'm hoping to.


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