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(Note to [ profile] mamagotcha: please point Linker here after he opens the package I'm going to mail in the morning. I'll ping you to make sure you've seen this if you don't comment.)

Dear Lincoln,

Happy birthday! Sorry I'm a little late with this. I hope you had a good day, and that age 8 is treating you well so far. I hear there was mini-golf--sounds like a good time.

Mom says you've been really into Pokemon lately. That's awesome. The Pokemon card game came out when I was 8, and for a while Cord and Clay and I spent almost all of our time playing Pokemon, talking about Pokemon, trading Pokemon cards, hanging out at the store where they sold Pokemon cards, and saving up to buy more Pokemon cards. I think it was probably my first social fandom, which means it was the first time I got really excited about something that a lot of other people were excited about too, so we could talk about it and be excited together. Being excited about something with other people who are excited about the same thing is really, really fun.

I stopped being so excited about Pokemon after a few years and found other things to be excited about instead, like Harry Potter and motorcycles and learning about how brains work. Right now, I'm really excited about hockey. But even though I wasn't playing Pokemon anymore, I kept all my cards. I'm not even sure why I took them to college with me, since I didn't have very much space to put things. But I'm glad I did, because at my graduation party Cordell and I took them out and played Pokemon. I beat his pants off. It was fun.

I haven't played the game since then. I don't think I even looked at the cards again until today, when I found out that you've started collecting them, so I pulled them out and went through them. Remember I told you I had 418 cards? It turns out I was wrong, and I actually had 470! But now I have less than that, because I made two decks and sent them to you. I made you one deck with all Plant cards and one deck with Water and Fighting cards. There's a nifty Trainer in that deck called Mysterious Fossil that evolves into a couple different Pokemon. If it's hard to figure out, ask Cordell for help. (If he won't play with you, ask him if he remembers how patient the big kids at The End Zone were with him, and I bet he'll do it.)

I had a really good time sitting on my living room floor going through all my cards and building those decks, talking to Clayton on the phone about Pokemon. Did you know Clay was a Pokemon for Halloween one year? He was Sandshrew. That was about 13 years ago. We talked about how these cards are older than you are, and we talked about the neighbor kids we used to trade Pokemon cards with, and talking to Clayton about Pokemon made me remember how excited we used to be. It was cool to remember that, so thank you for making me think about it.

Maybe in a while I'll send you some of my holographic rares, too. It's kind of silly that I'm worried about bad things happening to them, because they're not really worth all that much money. Sometimes people are silly about things that are important to them, though, and my cards used to be really, really important to me. But they're supposed to be played with, they're not supposed to be kept hidden on a bookshelf. So if you keep being excited about Pokemon, and you promise to take good care of them, I'll try to stop being silly and let you have them.

For now, I hope these will keep you busy. Have fun!

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In 2003, the word "igry" was coined to describe the sensation of being embarrassed for someone else. The example given there is sitting at a table in a restaurant with someone who tries to get the waiter's attention by snapping their fingers. It's a useful word, although as has been pointed out by others, there's some confusion about the definition. I agree with that post that the word should only be used to describe the sensation, rather than the behavior causing the sensation.

A year ago, when I got into band fanfic, I started encountering the term "the motts." When a band member did something embarrassing in real life, people would say watching it gave them the motts. Further investigation reveals that this term comes from a blog post by Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance, which attributes the origin of the phrase to Marc Debiak of Eyeball Records (misspelled as Mark in the blog post).

Both "the motts" and "igry" are on Urban Dictionary, although the former appears to be more popular. I like the word "igry" better in theory, but in actual casual speech, it feels a lot more natural to say, "Man, that gave me the motts" than "Man, that made me feel igry."
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[Poll #1632217]

EDIT: Whoops, I forgot there are people who don't have [ profile] crazybutsound and [ profile] imagines on their flists, and therefore may not know who Ryan Ross is. He was the lyricist and guitarist for Panic! At The Disco, but he blew that joint a year ago and is now making what I consider to be some pretty respectable music as the lead singer and guitarist for The Young Veins, a "retro-inspired rock" group that kind of tries to be the Beatles and the Beach Boys at the same time. Here's one of my favorite TYV songs on YouTube.
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All up for grabs, just comment and credit if you take any. I messed around with the coloring and contrast on all of them except the last one.


Apr. 6th, 2006 09:27 pm
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I made an Elijah color bar )

Also, GIP.

Pics of some of the people I spend a lot of time around at Penn Valley, because I've been a bit camera-crazy lately: Kyle, Joe, Sharai, Steven and Stephanie, and Ray at the Spectrum, Matt and Noel in the TLC, Mindy and Shannon in Student Activities, and Nicky and Joe from pretty much everywhere.

I got a bunch of stuff done today, including a short opinions piece about coloring the Nichols fountain blue for the Royals. Speaking of the Nichols fountain, I was there the other day with Dan. I was grabbing the back of his neck and hollering "HAS JESUS CURED YOUR SINS YET?" (it has context, but it's funnier without it) when Karen, my boss at the TLC, walked up. Apparently she lives close to the Plaza, and was out taking a walk with her husband. I don't know if she was close enough to hear that part of the conversation, but mrah! O.o

I took a three-hour nap this afternoon, and I should get a decent (if not entirely sufficient) amount of sleep tonight, so I may be a bit less out of it in the next few days. Hopefully.
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The NPL con was this past weekend. I'm even more sad that I missed it than I expected to be. I really, really like the atmosphere and people at Cons, and they only happen once a year. This is the first one I've missed since I started going to them. Artistry (a fellow NPL member) told me on IM that I was missed, and that people asked about me. That makes me feel a little better.

I started watching "Young Americans" eps the other day because I could, and kept watching them because BOONE IS GAY OMG. Well, I guess since the guy he likes is actually a chick, he's not technically gay, but still. He thinks she's a guy. Good enough for me. (No spoilers, all that happens in the pilot.)

Starting to get involved in PVCC stuff again. I'm only just realizing how much work I'm going to put into school-related stuff this semester. I have the Phi Theta Kappa form- it's an application form, but I'm sure I'll get in because she told me to bring the check for membership when I turn in the form.

I've started jogging and doing crunches and pushups and DDR again. I don't care about my weight (it's taken me a long time to get to that point, but I can now honestly say that I don't), but I want to be fit. Muscles would be nice, especially abs. We'll see where that goes.

It's looking like Dan actually might fly [ profile] devils_reject out here in August. I know it's stupid of him, but I'm not going to talk him out of it. I miss her. Also, Scott might be stopping through on his road trip (although I might, ironically, be in California at that point) and Sam said something about maybe visiting this fall as well. I can't wait to see everybody.

I'll be leaving on Sunday the seventeenth to go to the International Juggers' Association festival. I'll be back from that on either the 24th or the 25th, at which point I'm immediately flying to California for my dad's wedding. He apparently wouldn't let the boys wear black- maybe I'll only bring black clothes and see if he'll buy me new shit like he did for them. Cord got a yellow shirt and Clay got a purple-and-green plaid one, so I could stand between them in bright red and purple and make poor Jeanette's retinas explode. That'd be fun. Anyway, I'll be back on August second, after which I'm pretty much free (aside from visitors) till school starts on August 23rd.

Wow, I've been really inconsistent with typing out numbers versus using the numerals this entry.


Jul. 7th, 2005 02:22 am
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ad·dic·tion n 2a. The condition of being habitually or compulsively occupied with or or involved in something.

Is it bad that I just Google Imaged "elijah wood" and recognized (as in had seen before and remembered) twelve of the twenty pictures on the first page?

And is it bad that I have six of them in my "Elijah" pics folder, which contains seventy-four pictures, divided into "sexy Elijah," "cute Elijah" and "young Elijah" folders?

...and is it bad that I know his favorite CD of all time, his sister's first name, the city he lives in, that he wears boxers instead of briefs, his relationship with pretty much every other LotR cast member with quotes, the hair color and personality type he's most attracted to, that he's a damn good dancer, that he can't play guitar to save his life...

I think I need to go do something productive.
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*climbs up on a conveniently placed rooftop*


*climbs back down quickly to avoid flying shoes and rotten tomatoes*

(Note: this does not mean I don't like them. Dom's a great character to write, and Manson kicks ass. I just don't think they're sexy.)


He reached out with his mind, groping with his empathic sense at the frustrating divide between himself and Kieran, the distance which made them separate. It seemed impossible to breach at first -- then suddenly his mind relaxed into the right shape, and warmth came welling up, concern, love, weary joy at the simple fact of his presence. Feelings enough like his own that they might have been hard to distinguish, but he had learned the flavor of Kieran's emotions now, the particular cornered hopefulness of them. There was a haven of kindness in the world after all. Just a little one. Just Kieran-sized. Not enough light to find his way, perhaps, but enough that he knew he wasn't blind. Not enough to solve any problems, but enough to remind him why he couldn't give up trying.

"I'm done crying now," Ash promised. "I'll be stronger in the morning."

That's from The God Eaters, or Swallowing the Burn by Jesse Hajicek (I'm still not sure why it's called that, but the title doesn't matter). It's an online novel, pointed out to me by [ profile] macabresinclair. I have no idea why it isn't published- it's definitely good enough and long enough to be- but I recommend it highly. I've spent the majority of today reading it (first on the laptop until Mom took the power cord, then the G5 until Cord took it, but I printed out the next two chapters and read them on my couch in my room with a quilt and a cup of cinnamon hot chocolate, and now I'm on the laptop again). It's set in an alternate universe, around a social/political/religious situation parallel to the Europeans' conquest of the Native Americans. Certain characters have mental abilities called Talents, including the two main characters, Kieran and Ash. It is centered around a homosexual relationship, but there's nothing explicit until chapter seventeen out of twenty-nine. In other words, it's not just smut; there is a plot, and an incredibly well-thought-out one, with fascinating characters that continue to develop throughout the story. I'm not going to try to summarize the plot, because I always either do a bad job or give away something by accident, but the fact that I'm praising it this highly without even having finished it should tell you something. Don't be put off by the prologue- it's rather disjointed, as Abby put it, but things start making sense in the first chapter. After spending at least, oh, six hours today reading it, I'm up to chapter twenty-one, and I'm not sure I'll be able to resist staying up to finish it tonight. It's like not being able to put down a book, only I'm pushing the down arrow frantically instead of turning pages frantically.

*goes back to reading*

EDIT: "Morning hit him between the eyes like a hammer." *dies laughing* Yes, that's from the same novel I'm raving about above.

HEY, LOOK, IT'S ANOTHER EDIT: Ooooooooooh, now there's gods as characters, like in The Iliad. *glued to screen*
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I have made an executive decision. If I ever meet Elijah Wood, I will walk up to him, look him in the eye, and say, "Mr. Wood, what are your opinions on penguins?"

That is all.


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