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This post is a work in progress. Mostly for my own reference, but might well be relevant to the interests of others.


TaDah Lemony Roasted Garlic Hummus Falafel Wrap
I love these fucking things. They're like two bucks apiece at Central Market, they've got a ton of protein, and they're delicious.

Amy's Bean & Rice Burrito
The filling has a kind of cheesy texture that really works. I eat it with Tofutti sour cream.

Amy's Black Bean Vegetable Enchilada
The sauce on this is frickin' amazing. I put a dollop of Tofutti sour cream on this, too.

Gardein Crispy Chick'n Patties
This is the best meatless burger I've had.

Gardein Chick'n Sliders
Basically the same as the patties, but smaller and complete with buns for the laziest possible meal.

Gardein Mandarin Orange Crispy Chick'n
Little lumps of crack, I swear to god.

Gardein Seven Grain Crispy Tenders
Lots of protein, nice texture.

Sukhi's Samosas & Chutney
These are pricey (7-8 bucks a box) but they're the best non-restaurant-fresh samosas I've ever had.

Shanghai Kitchen Vegetable Spring Rolls With Shiitake Mushrooms
I can't find a link for these. I get them at Central Market; they're super tasty and not as unhealthy as most spring rolls. The sauce they come with is awful, but I like them so much I don't think they need any sauce.

Decent enough

Amy's Chinese Noodles & Veggies in Cashew Cream Sauce
Broccoli gets weird when you freeze it, but other than that this was good. Felt like a really small portion, but maybe I was just hungry.

Amy's Tofu Scramble
Frozen tomato slices are gross, but the hash browns and tofu scramble are both much better than I would expect from a quick-reheat meal.

Amy's Aloo Mattar Wrap
Pretty much what I expected.

Amy's Mattar Tofu
Kinda watery but okay.

Amy's Rice Mac & Cheeze
I wish they did a non-dairy version without the gluten-free noodles, but this actually isn't too bad. Very gluey texture, similar to regular boxed mac-and-cheese.

Daiya Margherita Pizza
I'm not that big on Daiya. Wish the tomato sauce had overpowered the cheese a little more.

Gardein Fishless Filets
These actually have a subtle kind of fishy taste to them. Not sure how they do that. The texture is a little off, though.

Gardein Sweet & Sour Porkless Bites
Not bad. I don't really love the sauce.

Evol Veggie Fajita Burrito
I was surprised at how well the guacamole held up to being frozen and thawed. I don't like peppers and they're pretty discernible in the filling, so I haven't gotten this one again, but it wasn't bad at all.

Sweet Earth Foods Kyoto Burrito
Adzuki beans, edamame, bok choy, spinach, ginger, and mushrooms in a wrap. A little weird, but good, and a solid little chunk of protein.

Tandoor Chef Channa Masala
Stupid high in sodium, so I don't get it often, but it's good.

0/10, would not ingest again

Amy's Thai Red Curry

Saffron Road Thai Basil Chili Tofu
I dunno if Thai just doesn't freeze well or what, but both this and the Amy's are inedible.

Simply Balanced Mushroom Miso Meatless Turkey
Doesn't someone put the food in their mouth before they try to sell it? Couldn't anyone at any point in the production of this item have said "yo, anyone notice that this shit is FUCKING AWFUL?" Jesus.

A nom

Apr. 3rd, 2013 11:23 pm
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2 large slices sourdough bread
1 avocado, halved & sliced
1 large or 2 small cloves garlic, squeezed
olive oil
tomato slices
kosher salt (or not kosher, whatever floats your boat)

Toast bread, put half an avocado on each slice, add garlic & mush it around until the garlic is spread out and the avocado is more of an even spread than individual slices, drizzle with olive oil, place tomato slices on top, sprinkle with salt.
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Gaby: I have to go to the bathroom. If she comes to take dessert orders before I get back, can you tell her I want the huckleberry tart?
Me: I will tell her you want a raw potato.
Gaby: If you can get them to give me a raw potato, I will eat it.

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Mike: (looking at an online menu for a restaurant we're eating at tomorrow) Olive emulsion? What does that mean?
Me: I have no clue. How would you emulsify a solid? *googles* I don't see a definition, but here's a recipe for olive emulsion. Let's see... "ingredients: 0.7 oz olives, hacked."
Mike: Hacked olives?
Me: I don't know what that is either! *googles* Okay, no definition, but here's a recipe for hacked olives. Let's see... "step one: Establish the olives."
Mike: *dies laughing*
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I had a dream that my mom came to visit me in Seattle (which she is going to do next month) and that I took her to a vegan restaurant called The Shack (which does not, to my knowledge, exist). "The Shack" was a bit of a misnomer, since the restaurant was in a castle. We went in and apparently before you eat there they give you a tour of the whole place. So they took us through the dining area, where we got samples of ALL THE FOOD (including like 20 different kinds of bread, one of which was maple-flavored and I kind of want to try making it now), and then they took us to the research dungeons where the food is developed! Not the kitchens. The research dungeons. And I was all O.O "CAN I WORK FOR YOU PLEASE" and they were like "well, we're looking for a project manager! But you have no project manager experience. We could give you an unpaid internship with potential for career advancement?" and I was about to say "YES YES YES WHEN DO I START" when I woke up.


Man, sometimes reality is a disappointment.
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1. Add olive oil.
2. Don't add olive oil.
3. Add salt.
4. Don't add salt.
5. Stir more often.
6. Stir less often.

Thanks, guys!


Mar. 27th, 2011 07:58 pm
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Today I went to VegFest, an annual event that basically consists of hundreds of different vegetarian food samples. There were speakers and cooking demonstrations and book sales and other stuff too, but the samples are the main draw of the festival. I volunteered to help out for a few hours and therefore got in free, but then they talked me into signing up for a Vegetarians of Washington membership for $22. The membership got me so much awesome crap, though! Here's a list of stuff they gave me:

-A half-gallon of So Nice organic soymilk
-A loaf of Hemptation sprouted whole-grain bread
-A loaf of Dave's Killer Bread
-Two packages of Mori-Nu silken tofu
-Two cups of Amande almond yogurt (blueberry and strawberry flavors)
-Two cups of WholeSoy soy yogurt (peach and apricot mango flavors)
-A bottle of Sambazon acai juice
-A bottle of Good Belly Splash juice (blueberry acai flavor) --ETA: blech.
-A bottle of Taste Nirvana coconut water
-A bottle of Odwalla Superfood juice
-An Odwalla berry energy bar
-A sample size Lara energy bar (chocolate chip brownie flavor)
-A Cascadian Farm granola bar (Harvest Spice flavor)
-A sample box of Cascadian Farm organic dark chocolate almond cereal
-A sample packet (two pancakes' worth) of Prana vegan pancake mix
-A three-ounce bag of Bob's Red Mill steel-cut oats
-A bag of Boulder Canyon salt & vinegar potato chips, which are basically the best goddamn potato chips in the universe
-A bag of Somersaults cocoa nuggets
-Two packets of Dilmah tea (English Afternoon and Moroccan Mint flavors)
-Four packets of Numi tea (two Earl Grey, two mint)
-A packet of Bigelow green tea with pomegranate
-Two packets of Sunbutter sunflower seed spread
-A 15-gram bag of shelled hemp seeds
-A packet of organic sugar
-A Natracare feminine hygiene sample packet
-A birthday card (??)
-A year's subscription to the Vegetarian Times
-About 20 coupons, including one for a free half-gallon of Silk and several for free meals at Seattle-area restaurants
-A VegFest T-shirt

So yeah, I'm betting the value of all that is more than $22. And it's a good cause to support, too.

I spent some time there hanging out with Mark, who now holds the endurance record for obliviousness about my academic situation. He's known me for over eight years, and only today fit together the information "Julia is 20 years old" with the information "Julia is a college graduate" in his head. (He was perfectly aware of both of these facts, just never connected them.) It was a pretty hilarious conversation.

I had a really great time at the festival, and definitely plan to go again next year if I'm still in the area. Lots of awesome food, lots of friendly people, lots of fun.
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The list )

I love fresh produce, just short of ripe; tomatoes, avocados, oranges, peaches, artichokes. I love garlic and red onions. I love almost all South Asian and Middle Eastern cuisine, and Italian, and sushi (it's still sushi if it doesn't have fish in it, despite what a surprising number of people have tried to tell me). I love olive oil and spicy mustard and Marukan seasoned rice vinegar. I love starchy foods, but only when they're flavored well. I love basil and cumin and lemon pepper and kosher salt.

As far as drinks go, I have a long-lasting and deep-rooted love affair with Newman's Own pink lemonade. I also like Silk's flavored soy milks, especially chocolate and Silk Nog. I usually order cranberry juice at restaurants and on airplanes, because it's basically the only fruit juice I can trust not to be artificially sweetened. (Minute Maid is disgusting.) Sometimes I'll do tomato juice or V8. I also love coconut juice, although I don't drink it all that often because it usually comes in single-serving cans.

My alcoholic drink of choice is Malibu coconut rum. It was too strong for me at first, so I drank it mixed with orange juice until I was eighteen or so, but now I prefer it straight. I like mojitos and other rum-based cocktails; I'm not big on vodka. I'm also fond of white wine and almost any kind of liqueur, particularly Kahlua. I've tasted really good scotch and brandy, and while I wouldn't drink them on a regular basis, they're good for a treat.

I like cooking, as anyone who reads this blog already knows. I'm slowly building up a good pantry here. I'm actually thinking of making banana bread tonight. Mmm...
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Animals may use sweet taste to predict the caloric contents of food. Eating sweet noncaloric substances may degrade this predictive relationship, leading to positive energy balance through increased food intake and/or diminished energy expenditure... We found that reducing the correlation between sweet taste and the caloric content of foods using artificial sweeteners in rats resulted in increased caloric intake, increased body weight, and increased adiposity, as well as diminished caloric compensation and blunted thermic responses to sweet-tasting diets. These results suggest that consumption of products containing artificial sweeteners may lead to increased body weight and obesity by interfering with fundamental homeostatic, physiological processes.

--from the abstract of a study conducted in 2008

I've never liked artificial sweeteners; I think not being exposed to them much as a kid made me sensitive to them. I didn't pay much attention to the topic until I started in Dr. Kennedy's lab, where we use artificial sweeteners in our research. They're supposed to stimulate the same cascades as regular sugars, but they don't taste the same to me, and there's some weird crap going on with regards to pleasure responses. It's possible, based on that research, that I'm actually experiencing the same subjective perception but also a negative emotional response. Which would be awesome in terms of understanding the brain, but just adds to my aversion to artificial sweeteners in my own diet.

And now it looks like in addition to that, they screw with caloric homeostasis. I don't think that would be different in humans than it is in rats. And if that's the case, I can't think of a reason (apart from diabetes etc.) to eat artificially sweetened foods.
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A few pictures from the Asian dinner we made while Cord was here.

Three pics )

By the way, if anyone isn't on my cooking filter and wants to be (or is and doesn't want to be), let me know. I'm not filtering this because Cord's in it; usually my cooking posts are just food pics and recipes.
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Yesterday, I made up a bowl containing the last of the coconut sorbet Amanda gave me in New York and the last of the brownies Lincoln and I made in Chicago. It was a well-traveled dessert. It was also a fairly large dessert, and I got sick of sugar halfway through and stuck the rest of it in the freezer, still in the bowl and with the spoon for easy access later.

Just now, I removed it from the freezer and took a bite. Immediately, I knew something was wrong.

"Cwap," I said, the metal spoon stuck to my tongue.

Mike, confused, began to applaud.

I breathed on the spoon until it warmed up enough to dislodge from my tongue, sadly still taking a few taste buds with it. "Crap," I repeated.

"Oh," said Mike.
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For as long as I can remember, I've had it in my head that I dislike cereal, except occasionally granola. I just ate a bowl of Cheerios, and realized that I like cereal just fine. The reason that I originally decided I didn't was that when I was little, I always read during meals, and usually got immersed in the book and thus ate slowly; when you do this with cereal, it gets soggy and gross. Now that I actually eat food reasonably quickly, there's no reason to avoid cereal.

Growing up and noticing this sort of thing is weird.
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Yesterday, I crashed not too long after I posted those pictures from the armory, and woke up at 5:15 this morning, just before dawn. The university center wasn't open, but I managed to catch a maintenance guy leaving and convince him to let me in so I could snap this picture from the second floor.

Then I ran through the sprinklers, saw a squirrel on a trash can, made myself chocolate pancakes and fresh-squeezed tangerine juice, and ate them by the window. Now I'm going to go study awesome neuroscience stuff.

I've decided that this is how mornings should work.


Dec. 31st, 2008 12:21 pm
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w00t #1: Terry Pratchett got knighted!

w00t #2: I think I just got through to the three-year-old staying here (the child of the people who own the house my mom and stepdad are living in) about the fact that having children is not a requirement for being an adult. Her six-year-old sister explained adoption as an option for people who don't want kids; I chose to leave birth control and abortion out of the discussion.

w00t #3: Nom nom homemade salt-and-pepper bagels nom.

w00t #4: I get to see my Sarah today! Squee!
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Me: *wearing my purple horns*
Lady working the pasta bar: I love your horns!
Me: Thanks! I was feeling devilish today.
Her: I want a pair, too!
Me: I got these at a ren fair on the other side of the country, but I'll tell you a website where you can buy some. You don't have to heat that up, I like my pasta cold.
Her: (to guy working the pizza station) I like this girl.


Oct. 24th, 2008 11:18 am
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I just had, I think, the best meal I've eaten in the cafeteria here. Tofu onion stir-fry on rice, shredded carrots with sesame, and this spicy curry butternut squash soup that was practically made of fall. I think there was nutmeg or some other really fall-y spice in it, because it reminded me so strongly of the general feel of October and November. It was so good that I grabbed one of the dining services top dogs and told him they should make it more often.

So yes, top marks to the caf on that one.
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...and [ profile] persona is making me snort it all over my computer:

[21:59] sorryihaveacat: I don't cook often at all, and this time I didn't even use a recipe, so I expected it to turn out crappy. But I have surprised myself.
[22:00] sorryihaveacat: I should probably write down the ingredients so I can reproduce my results.
[22:02] paersona: Pish tosh. Just means you get to make something else spectacular next time.
[22:02] paersona: Writing is for the weak.
[22:04] sorryihaveacat: But in order for an experiment to retain validity, it must be replicable. That's one of the main principles of the scientific method.
[22:06] paersona: Get your molecular gastronomy out of my one-pot soup, woman.

Seriously, though, this soup is amazing. It is orange/basil/tomato soup with garlic. It would be even better cold, but no way am I waiting to eat it long enough for it to chill. Mmmmm.
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[ profile] hannahrorlove came to Dublin yesterday, and despite a good deal of confusion involving the buses and my inability to locate north even while situated a few miles away from the central survey point of Nevada and northern California (an inadequacy that Hannah refuses to let me forget), we've been having a good time.

We're rockin' the suburbs, yeah... )

Hannah brought me a jar of coconut oil. It was a bit dented, though, and it was leaking slightly. So we decided we had to use it all up before I went back to Kansas City. Jeanette had no egg replacer, so keeping everything vegan wasn't easy, but we managed it.

Extreme Coconut )

And a few pictures of Hannah, including one of the cutest photos ever taken:

t3h Hannah. )

After we finished cleaning up the kitchen (sort of- we left a few of the dishes for the morning), we watched High Fidelity. It was quite good. I think I've seen it before, but it must have been a while ago, because the memory was very vague.

If anyone I'm seeing this week wants to try any of the coconut stuff (with the exception of the biscuits, all of which we ate), let me know and I'll try to bring some with me.
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Our Thanksgiving dinner was fantastic. )

After dinner and before pie, we went to Stowers to watch the Plaza lighting from the sixth floor. There were fireworks and something like nine helicopters circling, both of which made Link very happy. (The elevators and the sight of the moon also excited him. It was a busy half hour for a two-year-old.)


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