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I posted this on Facebook a few days ago, but I'm proud enough of it to spam you guys. It's way fun, too, when I get into a good rhythm.

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I have just dreamed up the best sport ever: diabolo basketball. Everybody gets a pair of handsticks, and the rest of the rules are the same--you have to keep the diabolo in the air unless you're standing still, and the goal is to get it in a basketball hoop.

My subconscious is frickin' awesome.

IJA 2009

Jul. 20th, 2009 10:40 pm
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Hi! I'm back from North Carolina, and I bring with me evidence of one heck of a week. Do not click the cut if you're on dialup.

A whole lotta photos and a few short videos )

This one goes outside the cut, 'cause you all totally have 23 seconds to spare to watch me land a cool trick on my brand-new purple diabolo. In related news, I have a new default icon!
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My big brother Cordell has launched a blog about his adventures as an intern in Japan: Travels of a Yellow Hat. He's pretty funny sometimes, and it's interesting to hear about his experiences, so you guys should check it out. Warning: he is a fan of retina-breaking shades of yellow and orange, and the site design reflects that.

Yesterday, I found myself conducting an impromptu circus school in my dorm room. Being the juggling expert for once was nice. Later, one of the girls I was teaching and my roommate's boyfriend compared running speeds. I'm no running expert, but I know that "7:15 mile, but that's after my ankle injury--I was a lot faster before" and "Five-something, I don't remember exactly" are Impressive.

I just had my first class: Qualitative Methods in Psychology. I like it okay, but I suspect I will end up using chiefly the sort of psychology the teacher explicitly said the class was not about (formal experimentation). Observation and interpretation are all well and good, but I'm uncomfortable with drawing conclusions about populations based on case studies. I mean, I can live without concrete hypotheses in some situations, but I need decent sample sizes if I'm going to be doing any generalization. Still, observation and interviewing skills are important, and in any case, I should learn the basics before I start writing anything off.

Turns out I need to apply for a fifth course even if I'm just auditing it, so I'm going to do that for Quantitative Methods (statistics) and just sit in on the Entrepreneurship class instead of officially auditing it. I checked with the teacher, and he's cool with that.
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Recap with pictures )

Now I'm back in Penngrove, and officially starting my Pier 1 job in an hour and fifteen minutes...
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I'm in California and alive, and have been such for two days, despite my lack of posting. My flight was extremely eventful, and culminated with me in Oakland significantly later than planned and my luggage in Salt Lake City. The Las Vegas airport, by the way, was almost exactly what I expected- it was very pretty, had lots of slot machines, smelled like crap, and was full of interesting people. This one dude in particular stuck in my memory: a heavyset Hispanic guy wearing an AC/DC shirt, a studded belt, and a kid-sized backpack with a turtle on it, and holding a pink blanket, but with no child in sight.

[ profile] burythel1ght, happy late birthday! I'm sorry I didn't call you yesterday- my cell phone charger was in SLC along with my luggage, and my phone was dead. *hugs*

Yesterday I toured Stanford, and ran into Martin Frost on campus. He gave me a lift to Henry's house, and I bummed a ride to the festival with Henry, [ profile] rubrick, and an obscenely gorgeous Stanford grad student named Dave who looks like Orlando Bloom. They spent the trip talking about the following subjects: a) whether the fact that humans only perceive three dimensions has affected the foundations of mathematics, and b) the relative humor value of looking at porn and/or galactic maps when others think you're trying to figure out directions.

The festival was fun. I was extremely tired, and the renegade show was outside, so I ended up skipping out on that. I went again today, and Jeffrey bought me purple juggling balls. Jeanette and the kids came too, and we all went out to dinner with [ profile] rebbyribs and her guy Ben. The food was pretty good, but the service was awful. I got coconuts both last night and tonight- the Thai place I went to last night poured the milk into a cup, but the rastafarian place just hacked off the top and gave it to me with a straw. I love California.

The public show was better than I thought it would be. The most memorable acts were the two female unicyclists (separate acts, but equally impressive), Jake's standing ladder act (the tricks weren't great, but he's a fantastic performer), a diabolo act by someone named Ben, an acrobatic act by a Cirque guy, and Frank Olivier's between-acts duo ballet bit with a guy from the audience. I was going to tell Frank to announce Teresa Tchow's engagement, but I forgot. I feel bad about that. And [ profile] vito_excalibur didn't make it to the fest :(

Oh, and while my luggage was gallivanting in Mormonland, my shampoo AND my B12 tablets got open. So I'm going to need a new thing of B12 tablets, and they're expensive.

But I'm still having a great time!
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Happy birthday, [ profile] kat_nano!
Also happy day-after-birthday, [ profile] androidlovesong! (But I talked to her on IM yesterday, so she knows I didn't forget.)

Today was Clubs & Orgs Day. Sharai and I got to showcase the beautiful trifolds we spent all day making on Friday. Just for the heck of it, I'm going to start writing down the amount of time we spend together, because it's insane. Today clocks in at six and a half hours. That includes a trip to Target, where I obtained suitable clothing for karate. The teacher decreed that we have to wear black or dark blue exercise pants, a white shirt with no writing or other colors on it, and tennis shoes.

Puns abound in the names for the clubs I'm starting this semester. I made a Yahoo! group for Novel Challenge (the banned books club), the first meeting of which occurs tomorrow afternoon. Tomorrow I will also check in with Richard, a Spectrum newbie who expressed interest in the Penn (the literary magazine), and submit my organization proposal for that. If I finish the constitution for the juggling club during work tomorrow morning, I'll submit that too. Mom pointed out a great name for the juggling club, too: I told her I wanted something catchy, and she suggested "Something Catchy." Catch... y. I thought it was funny.

Dan came over and started talking on his cell phone to his new girlfriend. I commandeered the phone (nautical term) and told her about the Clothes Hanger Impalement, the Spaghetti Inadequacy, the Incident Involving Collision With An Embarrassing Amount Of Living Room Furniture In A Small Period Of Time, and the Valentine's Day Thing. She didn't seem too fazed. I hope she sticks with him for a while; I like this one.

I don't have a juggling icon. This must be remedied, and soon.
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Supposing you were to start a juggling club at a community college in Missouri, and the paperwork required a name for the club... what would you name it?
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"Anything," in this case, includes writing articles (sorry, Craig) and beta-reading fics (sorry, Hannah). This is the first time since Monday that I've had access to a computer for a long enough period to do anything besides check my e-mail. It's now 5:45 AM on Sunday, and I'm on the computer in my hotel lobby.

This week has been awesome. I met a ton of people, saw a ton of people I already knew, tried a ton of new things, stayed up very late, got up very late, ate a lot of Subway sandwiches, watched the baby, watched a bunch of shows, deep-throated a banana onstage, and generally had a blast. We're in Portland until Tuesday morning, pretty much chilling. Mom and Bill are utterly burned out. I don't know whether it was a successful festival financially, but I don't remember anyone saying they weren't having a good time, and poor Bennett sounded like Calvin at the end of Anytown: "I don't want to go home, I want to stay here!"

One more day, and not even a full one. It'll be over at three this afternoon.
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Mom, Bill and Link sat near the front of the plane, and I sat near the back. They apparently had a hellish flight. I sat next to a beautiful, friendly, charming guy and spent the flight talking to him, listening to Zephyr, and reading "Haunted," which I still haven't finished. It was quite pleasant.

Our rental car, which was supposed to be an SUV, looks a lot like a really shiny station wagon. We barely managed to cram all our crap in the back. Despite funky Mapquest directions, we made it to the house we're staying at, and fell asleep after devouring some incredibly tasty curry. I scored a room away from the baby, and slept for a long time. I was awoken by whispers from beneath the pool table in my room; our hosts' two daughters had been instructed by Mom to wake me up gently and leave me alone if I growled. I actually like these kids a lot.

I thought I'd be watching the baby nonstop, but someone else has him right now, so I guess I'll write my PotC review.
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I am currently at the International Jugglers' Association week-long festival, and having a good time so far.

Saturday afternoon we got HP6. Saturday night, I managed to finally convince both Mom and Clayton to let me read it (we have a "family tradition" of reading it together, but I did not want to wait until August to even start reading). All day Sunday, on the drive to the festival, I read. I finished it Monday outside the men's room in the gym.

I shall write a complete, in-depth review when I have the time. For now, all I have to say is: J.K. Rowling, I forgive you for Book Five. Utterly and completely.

Now, off to play with my new shiny, black, pretty contact ball. (As Jason Garfield remarked, contact juggling is a misnomer- it should be called "ball fondling.")
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Sunday )

On the way back, I noticed something I hadn't spotted before: the Lyon toads are gone! The real estate company Lyon used to have a series of ads leading up to one of the Davis highway exits. They featured a toad in various positions. And they're gone. This makes me sad.

I'm getting up tomorrow at seven, and I want to write in my paper journal before bed, so g'night.
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Note: I forgot to mention the guy at renegade who recited 25 digits of pi while juggling two balls in one hand, sleeping a yo-yo in the other, and tap-dancing.

Saturday )

What was I about to do? I was about to go do something... oh, yeah! Sleep!
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Friday )
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Drabble by [ profile] furiosity: Why
do wizards celebrate Christmas?
Warning: possibly offensive
to Christians.

My trip so far )

The Book of Job, simplified version )

EDIT: ...if anyone can tell me why this entry appears to have no paragraphs, could they kindly share that information? *scratches head*


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