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I just did a major rewrite of my LJ interests after mostly ignoring them for about six years. I don't know if anyone who isn't me will care, but I'm intrigued by the differences between the words and phrases I chose to represent myself as a teenager and those I've chosen recently.

Interests I had when I was fifteen that I no longer have: amélie, apocalypses, apples to apples, bisexuality, boondock saints, boston, boy meets boy, bullwhips, california, captain jack sparrow, chervil, chuck palahniuk, concerts, cookie liberation, dance dance revolution, discworld, donnie darko, drabbles, dyed hair, erotica, fanfic, french, friends, good omens, grammar, hiptops, hot boys, hot girls, icons, intelligence, life, livejournal, postsecret, questionable content, rain, randomness, ravenclaw, rocky horror picture show, savage love, sleep, slytherin, south park, vampires, word puzzles, wordplay

Interests I have now that I did not have when I was fifteen: 400 babies, at swim two boys, decision science, attention economics, aus as thought experiments, barenaked ladies, being a superbowl hero, being named potato, braaains, coin-operated boys, competence, decision science, elegance in boardgame design, fandom, form-fitting trench coats, functional magnetic resonance imaging, geekery, grant morrison, high-quality satire, interpersonal social dynamics, japanese logic puzzles, jonah lehrer, jonathan coulton, judgment, judgment of judgment, kink, lalochezia, mahjong, making people laugh, malcolm gladwell, metacognition, minimalist fiction, motor proteins, mystery hunt, neuroscience, nociception, normalizing homosexuality, oxytocin, phenomena, phineas gage, physiological algorithms, plain strong black tea, preference, research, science, seattle, self-awareness, self-perception theory, service industry blogs, somatosensation, suit jackets over t-shirts, super-hyphen, tfuckingmesis, the fundamental attribution error, the game, the marshmallow test, the milgram experiment, the oh-shit circuit, the subjunctive mood, thinking, transformative creation, verbing

Interests I've had since I was fifteen: bad judgment, ben folds, body piercings, books, chocolate, cooking, dan savage, douglas adams, fight club (the book), go, harry potter, hikaru no go, homeschooling, honesty, juggling, learning, motorcycles, national puzzlers' league, nine inch nails, photoshop, purple, puzzles, reading, rps, slash, snakes, socks, reading, tattoos, terry pratchett, the administration, they might be giants, traffic hell, veganism, writing


Jul. 23rd, 2011 02:48 pm
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Me: Oh man, I just know one of the comments on this post is going to say "ha ha, where's the like button?". Yep, there it is. Ugh. That joke got old about two minutes after Facebook came up with the whole liking thing.
Mike: LJ needs a "punch" button.
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My first crush was [ profile] rubrick, when I was ten (which was one third his age--really, you all should have seen adolescent!me coming). I'm sure he could tell at the time, although I don't think I actually confirmed it to him until a year or two ago. It fizzled out around the point when my mom broke the news that he had a secret mullet in the photo I had pinned up on my wall. Even at age ten, mullets were a definite dealbreaker for me. I can only hope he found someone new to mend his broken heart.
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People keep lamenting how everyone's moved to Facebook and no one reads LJ anymore, but I haven't really noticed a significant drop in posting/comments. Of course, the people who post and comment aren't necessarily a true sample of those who read, so:

[Poll #1721260]

EDIT: Well, it's been less than half an hour since I posted this and I've already gotten fifteen responses to this poll. I'm pretty satisfied with that as an answer.
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January: All my friends are doing this, so hey, why not?

February: A team just back-tasted the cheese puzzle.

March: Like many geeky-type people, Mike is pretty oblivious in general.

April: Scene: the mailroom, at the beginning of the morning shift.

May: Since Mom will be in town, I've decided to host a games/puzzles gathering at the @Cave the night before commencement.

June: Each one goes to the highest bidder, even if the highest bid is cost-of-shipping.

July: It's Thursday morning of con and I've already gone on a Starbucks puzzle walkaround with Zebraboy and T McAy (who worked out the final answer from flavortext and enumeration, being, y'know, them), gazed at Mount Rainier with my toes in the water while discussing ice cream flavors with 42itous, rolled down a glorious grassy hill several times, had phallus pillows thrown at me while flopping in a cuddle pile that ranged between two and eight of my favorite people over the course of the evening, divided up the cuddle pile into teams of "Hathor and the boys she's lying on" and "Hooligan and the boys she's lying on" for Jangler's (truly excellent) pub trivia game, and ended up at a sort of punk-rock diner place that sold vegan huevos rancheros and fried Oreos at two in the morning.

August: Henry: An iceberg is not a food item.

September: Basic respect and common sense: don't do the comment cross-posting thing on locked entries.

October: In my firsthand experience, guys under 21 or so basically don't perform oral sex.

November: On October 11th, Coming Out Day, I posted a Facebook status saying that I'm bi and poly, if anyone hadn't noticed.

December: Me: (something about disappointment involving dopamine in the anterior cingulate cortex)


Nov. 18th, 2010 12:16 am
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What the fucking fuck?

EDIT: LJ changed this question. It originally read: "If you were the TSA at Hogwarts, which Harry Potter character would you pat down, and why?"
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Most of you know that someone who was very important to me, Ava Garcia, died in 2008. Ava was a writer, in my opinion an excellent one. Although she was only eighteen, she was fairly prolific, and I have a good-sized store of her writing on my computer.

Back in October, just after what would have been her twentieth birthday, I made an LJ with the intention of posting her writing for others to read. It stayed there untouched for a few months, and now I think I'm going to start updating it.

So, if you'd like to read: [ profile] what_ava_wrote

I've posted a few things already: a piece she wrote about herself as an introduction, an original short story, a Harry Potter fanfic, and a poem. I don't know how often I'll update it, but it shouldn't be too spammy--not more often than once a week, I expect.
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I finally finished that HnG mood theme I started way back in August! I am pretty happy with it.


productive: productive bouncy: bouncy geeky: geeky

rushed: rushed full: full lonely: lonely

The whole thing is here. If you want to use it, ping me and I'll send you a zip file of the images.
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If I click a link that takes me to Facebook and I'm not logged in, I get sent to a login page, and after I enter my username and password, I get redirected to the page I was trying to view. A bunch of other sites do the same thing. On LJ, it just sends me to the home page. Why is that? I don't know programming, but shouldn't that be reasonably painless to put in?
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The fabulous and lovely [ profile] ojouchan has been answering her flist's questions about her religion this month, and I wanted to share it with you all: Ask a Muslim. Check it out- I've been really enjoying reading her responses.

LJ stuffs

Jan. 27th, 2007 01:55 pm
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There's this study I read about recently that found that people are happier overall if they think about good things that happened during the day while they fall asleep. I tried that for a few days, but I kept either forgetting or simply crashing as soon as my head hit the pillow (in case you haven't noticed, I've been busy lately). So instead, I created a new LJ, [ profile] happypurpleone. Every day, no matter how shitty it is, I'm going to think of good things that happened and list them there. I don't expect anyone to friend that journal; the items on the lists so far are mostly pretty mundane, and I'll post about anything interesting here. Just letting you know it exists.

I also joined [ profile] rawr_comm, an exercise community mostly consisting of NPL members. Puzzling and exercise; why not? I do karate twice a week, and that usually lasts about an hour and a half, but Sifu is really cracking down on us for not even stretching on the off-days, and I should exercise more than twice a week anyhow. I used to jog, but that required me to set a good chunk of time aside, and my shins started really hurting, and shin-splint stretches weren't helping at all. So I'm going to start stretching every day, doing crunches on a regular basis (because they're easy to do; no equipment or planning necessary), and pulling out the DDR mat more often. No, it's not going to prepare me for a marathon, but hey- I'm not trying to run a marathon. I'm just trying to move around a little more.
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Thailand's military took over the country. I'm glad [ profile] androidlovesong isn't still there.

I want this. Thanks to [ profile] gerald_duck for the link.

I am now a Student Ambassador, and Mindy has threatened to stop letting me join organizations because I'm in so many.

Political science test was today. I'll be much better prepared next time, now that I know how she tests. I'm fairly confident on everything except the true/false questions. I hate those.

AND OMG I JUST SAW THE TEXT ON THE "SUBMIT POST" BUTTON. That is so freaking cool! *hearts LJ to bits*
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Maybe I'm just being overly picky, but on LJ's main page, it says "Baaaaah", says Frank. It kind of irks me.

I got up at 6:30 yesterday in order to be at the TLC when it opened at 8, just in case I was supposed to be there then. Good thing I did, too, because I was in fact scheduled to work at 8. Not only that, but I'm scheduled to work at 8 Monday through Friday all semester. Joy. At least they didn't schedule me for Saturdays. I spent most of the morning handing out coupons for free cafeteria stuff and helping new students figure out how to get to their classes.

I have Ms. Scott for political science, and she was very familiar with me, pretty much establishing me as teacher's pet. We'll see how long that lasts. Hopefully, she won't be too pissed at me by the end of class to give me a good recommendation letter. Sharai is in that class with me, which I suspect will save my ass multiple times this semester.

Sociology (Sex Roles and Sexuality) is interesting. The teacher didn't lecture, but had us all sit in a circle and introduce ourselves in great depth. She said that we'll be covering personal stuff during the class, so we need to be comfortable with each other. There were some boring people and some very interesting ones. One girl said perkily, "I'm eighteen, I have a sugar daddy boyfriend who's ten years older than me, and I'm taking this class because I like to have sex!" There's someone I know through All Souls in the class, too.

Someone needs notes taken for them, so I went down to ABLE/Access and signed up as a note-taker. As long as my handwriting is legible for the first three weeks and he doesn't drop out before midterms, I get fifty bucks at the end of the semester... which is pretty sweet for doing something I do already.

I played the "my love is like a storybook story" song from the credits of Princess Bride on my bass last night for about half an hour straight. I'd almost forgotten how incredibly therapeutic playing music is for me. I guess I got so frustrated with the Suzuki crap that I sort of gave up on the violin. I really hate the Suzuki method. It places a lot of emphasis on perfection- I remember my teacher making me play the same measure about fifty times in a row just because I'd settled into the habit of playing the open A string instead of the fourth finger on the D string. It didn't exactly spoil the violin for me forever, and I still play sometimes, but I always feel self-conscious. Milo just feels more peaceful. Besides, it's harder to play a sharp or flat note on a bass. And I love that "storybook story" song.
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After getting off the bus this morning, standing at the corner of Linwood and Main, I felt a slight tickling on my neck. Thinking it was my headphone cord, I reached up to brush it off, and suddenly found this maybe one-and-a-half-inch cockroach bug thing squirming around on my hand.

I wonder if it crawled on me on the bus, or if it was in my trench coat when I put it on. The buses are usually pretty clean, which means that bug was probably on my person for about half an hour before I noticed it. It could have been in a pocket, but I rooted around in there for my bus pass, so it's more likely that it hid in the fold that covers the zipper of the coat.


My "indescribable" mood theme pic is perfect for this post.

EDIT: Dude! I just remembered last night's dream. I dreamed that you could set the text linking to the "read comment" page to be different for every day of the week. O.o
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I stayed up until four-thirty AM last night working on my LotR-boys mood theme, and now it's one-fifteen AM and I just finished picking out the pictures.

I did, however, pick every single one from my stash- no Internet searches. I have 283 pictures in my "LOTR Boys" folder on this computer, and I went through them all about four times finding moods. No repeats, either: one mood, one picture.

I have church tomorrow, so I need to sleep now, and Rain's sleeping over tomorrow night, but I might be able to do cropping and borders later this week.
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Remember I said I was going to buy a paid account and extra userpic space? Now I don't have to, because [ profile] juvernaz bought them for me!

*dances around in hundred-icon bliss*

[Poll #679070]

Lincoln's asleep now, but tomorrow I shall gather him up and create the cutest voice post ever.

Thank you, [ profile] juvernaz!

EDIT: I just uploaded practically every icon in my icons folder. (That's aside from the ones I've made for you guys, of course.) A bunch of them are crap that I made when I didn't know what blending options were, and I still have nineteen slots left, which means I have to make more icons. Oh, darn. *grins widely* Tomorrow, though. I need to sleep.
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I have posted over 4100 comments on LiveJournal.

Just thought I'd mention it.

Happy Boxing Day.

EDIT: Also, GIP.
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Seven large pics under the cut.

Six shots of the cutest baby alive and one of his big sister )

*scowls at skin condition* I hate being fifteen.

Today in a few sentences, because ahhhhh, must get up in seven and a half hours: things seem to be back to normal with Stephanie, which removes a lot of my current stress. The pics of the medieval meat market Mr. Renaissance Romance contest are on a floppy disc, which not a single one of our six-odd computers will accept (well, one will, but that's the one that can't connect to the internet or any of the others, so it's really not much good). I bought new eyebrow jewelry in Westport: the purple one in the picture above and a black one with spikes at both ends. Writing group went well- Jonhenry's current girlfriend Laura showed up and hit it off with everyone. TAB meeting tomorrow, at which the Halloween party and January lockin will hopefully be discussed. Aunt Amanda and Uncle Ken are leaving tomorrow before I get home from school. I have honors seminar in the morning and have done nothing- NOTHING- on my report. I did, however, get all of my algebra, English and French homework done for tomorrow (I think it's utterly insane that I have all four classes on Tuesdays, meaning a possible four classes' worth of homework due on a single day). Oh, and I requested "The Kid," another of Dan Savage's books, from the central KC library. It'll be here in a day and a half. Yay.

I'm still reading the flist, but I'm running at least a week behind. I will catch up eventually, though.

Ooh, and one more thing- Aunt Amanda and Uncle Ken have a car they can't sell because of emissions laws in New York, so they offered to let us have it for free. I took the sample test in the driver handbook and got 41 out of 45 right (and two of those were 'how much does it cost to get an instruction permit' and 'where do you go to get a permit,' neither of which will be on the permit test), and you only have to get 20 out of 25 for the permit. So I'm going to go in and get that sometime in the next week or two, and the current plan is to fly up to NY with Mom over Thanksgiving break and drive the car back here, gaining both a car for the family and driving experience for me. Everybody cross your fingers that I do well on the test!
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The following are communities I found by searching the interests "coconuts" and "penguins." Because I was bored. They are not communities that I recommend; I merely found the names amusing.

[ profile] cleaveland: (Note: their userinfo is worth looking at just for the poem.)
[ profile] cranfnberry
[ profile] _l_a_u_r_a: ("Is your name Laura? Do you WANT to be named Laura?")
[ profile] ffrohcac: (Note: It stand for Fruit Fetishists for the Reunification of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church.)
[ profile] fragilegravity
[ profile] fun_gone_awry (Note: on the userinfo of this site, I found the following website: This website is amusing.)
[ profile] geekharem
[ profile] hardcore_emu
[ profile] implied_penguin
[ profile] intylerwetrust
[ profile] smileyoufucker
[ profile] nunsgonewild
[ profile] _ljwhore
[ profile] mangollama
[ profile] no_pudding

Also, the lyrics to "Disposable Teens" make me feel happy, for some reason:
And I'm a black rainbow... )

Perhaps... I should go to bed? *blinks at clock* It's two AM, and I have dishes to do. Only, it still feels like midnight, because I'm on CA time. Must correct that.


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