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Some resources and articles that have been helpful to me so far in my learning process:

This site has been crucial from day one. I started out reading almost exclusively articles about investing basics here, and I still come back to it for definitions when I come across unfamiliar terms.

Investing 101
I started with this and opened hyperlinks in new tabs from there.

Investing tutorials
A bunch of articles about different introductory topics.

Stock Series
A series of blog posts about investing (not just stock investing, despite the name) by a dude called Jim Collins, designed for brand-new investors. He's very, very big on index funds, and I haven't been able to find much solid evidence against that position.

The Intelligent Investor: The Definitive Book on Value Investing
I'm reading this right now and it's great. It does assume you have some basic knowledge (e.g. terms like bull market/bear market, assets and liabilities in the context of investments, the concept of a stock index) but I'm pretty sure if you keep Investopedia close to hand, you'll be fine. It's mostly about the psychology of investing, not fancy formulae and shit.

What Is Dividend Growth Investing?
I intend to do this with a small percentage of my money eventually.

Dividend Champions
Information about companies who have a history of increasing dividend payouts each year. Helpful if you want to do that dividend growth investing thing.

Why Dollar-Cost Averaging Stinks
The title is a bit misleading--essentially, this says that it's fine to add money to your investment portfolio as you earn it and thus dollar-cost average by default, but if you want to add a large chunk of money, you should add it all at once instead of over the course of months as some people recommend.

Why your house is a terrible investment
Don't read this if you own a house, it'll just depress you. But do read it if you're considering buying one.

How Investing in Intangibles — Like Employee Satisfaction — Translates into Financial Returns
An article about research showing a correlation between employee satisfaction and investment return.

Ethical investing indices
A starting point for socially-responsible investing.
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I really enjoyed this article. It's about the relationship between money and happiness, and how people are happier when they spend money on social interaction and experiences than on material things. I'd very much like to hear what others think of it.
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I just picked up my mail, and it consisted of a bank statement, a check, a medical bill (more than $200, ouch), and a letter about a loan. This is the kind of stuff people warned me about when I was a kid and said I wanted to grow up. Bills and taxes and responsibility are no fun, they said. Well, y'know what? It's totally worth it. So far, the positives of adulthood far outweigh the negatives.

I've been dwelling on a flaw of mine, and then realized that several of the people I admire most share that flaw. So I feel a little better about that. Mom always says you become who you admire, and that's really true, I suppose. That was the basis for the essay that got me in here, actually.

I seem to have made a good impression on the dean of students and the head of the psychology department. Someone said on Facebook that it's because I actually care about what I'm learning. I know it's beneficial to me to stand out in that regard, but I wish I didn't; I wish more people cared.

I miss Ava.


Aug. 6th, 2008 06:02 pm
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Patrick Creadon has done it again.

I really want to see that.


Aug. 23rd, 2007 01:53 pm
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When you create a new account and the bank gives you checks without any information on them to tide you over until you get your real checks and your debit card, they don't tell you that not a single goddamn store in the state will accept them.

*grumble mumble grouch*
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Just wanted to let you know that you may be receiving a refund or will see a change in your financial aid award as I have just awarded you both the Student Activities Grant, which covers tuition. I know you all will do a great job, so went ahead and awarded it now, normally I would wait. If you have any questions, please just let me know! Congrats!

This is particularly awesome because I'm taking fourteen units this semester, which is the most I've ever taken. Although $78 a unit is nothing compared to tuition at the schools I'm looking at, it still adds up. Bill and Mom are as happy about it as I am.


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