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I realized when I was thirteen or fourteen that I had a strong preference for male vocalists. Female singers tended to get on my nerves, especially the ones with higher-pitched voices and styles incorporating vocal fry. At that point this was just an observation, but over time I got more uncomfortable with it and started actively trying to change my preferences. That's a tough thing to do, but I stuck with it, and after a few years there's a lot more female representation in my current rotation.

I don't know exactly why it happened in the first place, but I do know there were a lot of male voices in the music I heard when I was little. Ben Folds, They Might Be Giants, Moxy Fruvous, Queen, the Beatles, Weird Al... I guess once in a while Loreena McKennitt and Ani DiFranco got a turn, but the vast majority of the music playing in the background of my childhood had dudes in it.

So I made a playlist of profanity-free songs by women to put on while I babysit. While I was putting it together, I decided to go full feminist agenda and exclude songs that are explicitly about men as well. Except the Diana Vickers one, because it just straight-up belongs here. God, that song is great. Anyway, there are some dudes on instrumentals and a few male writers involved, but mostly I tried to keep this lady-centric.

(These are in no particular order; I usually listen to playlists on shuffle.)

Family Jewels - Marina and the Diamonds
Afterlife - Ingrid Michaelson
New Soul - Yael Naim
Falling - [profile] greedydancer (cover of Florence and the Machine, but I like GD's version better)
Brave - Sara Bareilles
99 Red Balloons - Nena
Royals - Lorde
Itsumo Nando Demo - Yumi Kimura
Applause - Lady Gaga
The Christians & The Pagans - Dar Williams
It's Not Your Day To Shine - Smoosh
Ya Soshla S Uma - tATu
Genius - The Murmurs
Invite Me - Sofia Allard
Extraordinary Machine - Fiona Apple
June Gloom - The Like
Anything But Ordinary - Avril Lavigne
Let Go - Frou Frou
Ribs - Lorde
Le petit voisin - Jeanne Cherhal
Eyes - Monsoon
I Love It (clean edit) - Icona Pop
Zingaro - Golden Bough
Some Velvet Morning - Primal Scream (cover of Nancy Sinatra)
Science Genius Girl - Freezepop
Music To Make The Boys Cry - Diana Vickers
The Mother We Share - Chvrches
Get Over - Dream
What's In The Middle - The Bird & The Bee
Wandering Star - Portishead
Not A Pretty Girl - Ani DiFranco
Bury My Troubles - Imelda May
Against the Wind - Máire Brennan
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Amanda Palmer recently broke a million dollars on the Kickstarter for her latest album, Theatre Is Evil. The original fundraising goal of the Kickstarter was $100,000. Here is a blog post wherein she talks about what she did with all that money. It involved a lot of wiggle room.

Now she's going on tour, and she's not paying her backing musicians. When people reacted badly to this, she wrote this blog post basically saying, "it's not about the money, it shouldn't be about the money, don't be mad because some musicians are happy to play for hugs and free drinks."

This intrigues me because of what it implies about her psychologically. I think the underlying problem here is that AFP doesn't understand how her social position has changed over time. She broke into the music scene in Boston, where there's a strong creative community that values art for art's sake and ideas like "it's not about the money." As she makes clear in that blog post, she used to be one of those struggling musicians who would happily play for bar peanuts. That's the kind of worldview she's coming from, and she's never shaken it off. She takes a lot of pride in that.

Which is fine, from an ideological perspective, but from a practical perspective, it means she acts like she's still a broke street performer. The way she talks about bumming off friends and family for eight months while putting together this record in the "what I did with my million bucks" post leads me to believe that she actually still thinks of herself as a broke street performer. Sure, she makes shit-tons of money, but then she spends it all on elaborate stage shows and music videos and Kickstarter rewards for her fans. If she pours everything she earns back into the art, I think she feels like it doesn't really count.

What it seems like she's missing, kind of ironically, is that social status isn't all about the money. She can spend every last cent in the bank on wigs and turntable decorations if she wants, as it sounds like she may have in fact done, and she'll still have fame, fans, and resources that put her in a position where it's very easy to take advantage of people. Yes, I'm sure there are many musicians out there who would jump at the chance to make music with Amanda Fucking Palmer on whatever terms she cares to specify. They might be the same people who would be perfectly willing to play a bar gig for free because a buddy asked them to. These situations are not the same, and the fact that AFP thinks they are makes it abundantly clear that she doesn't understand the influence she has. She uses it, constantly--did you see the part of that blog post about how she asks fans to bring free home-cooked dinner for her and her band at all the shows they play?--but she doesn't understand it.
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I don't tend to write a whole lot of music recs, since I don't have much of a vocabulary for them. I just know what I'm into and what I'm not into, and saying "I'm really digging band X right now" is more of a microblogging sort of sentiment than a topic for LJ. But I've been waiting to pimp this album to you guys for years. This is the album that [ profile] imagines listened to on repeat instead of talking to me for the entire train ride we took together from Boston to New York City in summer 2009, because Wes had said I could play that version of the album for people but not share the files, and I did not blame her one bit. It's been in my own regular music rotation since Wes first started sending me rough cuts and asking for opinions about three years ago, at which point I kind of jaw-dropped and put "Run Like Hell" on repeat for approximately forever. (iTunes claims I've listened to that particular song a total of 79 times across the three versions of it I have, but I didn't get this computer until after I'd had the first version for a few months, and anyway that doesn't count all the times I've played the burned CD on my stereo and in the car.) My other favorites are "Sensitive" and "Something Sometime," but the whole album is fantastic.

Wes sent an official copy of the physical CD back from Hunt with Mike for me, and it looks awesome. If you want one of those, either order it here or bug [ profile] thatwesguy to make other arrangements. (I bet he'll sign it for you with a tasteful cover-art-complementary colored gel pen if you ask him nicely.) If you're satisfied with an electronic copy, go forth and download. It's a pay-whatever-you-want deal, and you can stream the entire thing just by clicking the play button below, so you have no reason whatsoever not to give it a try.

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Man, if you have a chance to see Tim Minchin live, do it. But maybe don't watch all his videos first, because his show is pretty much greatest-hits-of-YouTube. Which is totally fine! He put little twists on all his well-known stuff, and he did play a couple of songs I hadn't heard. And the standup was all new to me. But even if I'd already seen it all, his charisma in person makes his live show immeasurably better than the videos. It probably helped that the audience was so into it--I don't think I've ever seen a more enthusiastic crowd, they gave him three standing ovations.

The venue asked us not to take video, and I mostly didn't? But he started singing "Hallelujah," and after the first chorus with the whole audience singing, I couldn't help recording the rest. But there isn't any actual video, I kept it pointed at the floor so I wouldn't get nabbed by the security dudes. (Speaking of the security dudes, he got two of them to hug each other. It was adorable.)

Mike and I had a blast. Thanks, Mom and Bill! (And now I have the one song he didn't play, "Canvas Bags," stuck in my head because I spent the whole show expecting it.)
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OH at the Harry and the Potters show: "Oh, Harry Potter the book series! That's why it's in a library!" >.<

OH at the Harry and the Potters show: "This is the closest to the stage I've ever gotten at a concert!" -50ish guy

OH at the Harry and the Potters show: "I tried to start a game of Quidditch, but that didn't turn out so well." -8-yr-old kid w/ broomstick

They're piping in Mrs. Robinson to a room of ten-year-olds XD

These guys are still fucking awful. I still fucking love them.

They keep addressing us as "SEATTLE" like they're a real rock band. It's adorable.

There's a solemn-faced guy in a leather jacket standing motionless in the middle of the crowd, surrounded by bouncing kids.

How DOES Ollivander stay in business?

hahahahahaha they are actually waaaay better as a screamo band

Think I'd get kicked out if I started a mosh pit?

lol "our biography" lol

They just rhymed "process" with "nauseous"

One of them is playing a bright red saxophone. Badly. It's AWESOME.

"When the reviews come in let it be noted that Harry and the Potters play real music. With emotion. MY WIZARD SCAAAR STILL BURNS FOR YOU!"

Oh my god it's a Smells Like Teen Spirit parody

There's an eleven-year-old crowdsurfing


Waiting to say hi to the Harrys. There's a guy wearing Ron's pink lacy robes. <3

There's a gang of bored-looking hipsters I'm pretty sure are here ironically.

OH: "Best concert EVER!" -a 5-yr-old

Halfway through the show, they referenced the "enchanted ceiling," which is funny if you know about the downtown library's architecture.

Told the younger Harry I'd seen his name on his mailbox when I worked in the mailroom at Clark.

Was going for school-spirit-based rapport. Pretty sure it just came off as creepy.
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Poor [ profile] vito_excalibur is currently host to a parasite that was supposed to depart her body some time ago, and asked for soundtrack suggestions to convey a message to her imminent offspring. So here's a mix.

YouSendIt download


Born Too Slow - Crystal Method
Born just a little too slow
Just a little too slow
Just a little too

Dans mon corps - Les Trois Accords
Dans mon corps, dans mon corps de jeune fille
Dans mon corps de jeune fille, il y a des changements
(In my body, in my body girl
In my body girl, there are changes)

There Is Life Outside Your Apartment - Avenue Q
I know it’s hard to conceive
But there’s life outside your apartment
And you’re only gonna see it if you leave

Don't Wait - Dashboard Confessional
Don't wait, don't wait
The road is now a sudden sea
And suddenly, you're deep enough

Don't Stay - Linkin Park
Sometimes I’m in disbelief I didn’t know
Somehow I need you to go
Don't stay

Leave - Barenaked Ladies
I've informed you to leave
'Cause I can't afford to lose more sleep

Here Comes The Flood - Divine Comedy
Here comes the flood
Rivers of blood, baby

The Great Escape - We Are Scientists
I got a great idea
I'm gonna wait right here

This Too Shall Pass - OK Go
You know you can't keep letting it get you down
And you can't keep dragging that dead weight around

The Finish Line - Snow Patrol
I think the finish line's a good place we could start
Take a deep breath, take in all that you could want
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A friend asked for music in French, so I made her a mix (YouSendIt download). Pretty much all of it, like maybe all but two songs, is from [ profile] crazybutsound's music posts over the years. As is, come to think of it, this icon. Jem, I guess this post is dedicated to you. :P

The tracklist, in case the mix order got lost in the uploading process:

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Mike: Back in Florida, there was an ad for John Hall Chevrolet. That would have amused me greatly if I'd known about King Missile back then.
Me: Dude, you know what would be awesome? A John S. Hall GPS voice. "At the next right, tie three hamsters in balloons to your belt."
Mike: "You have missed your turn. Turn around or I'll cut your balls off."
Me: "If what you just did was gay, turn left in one-half mile. Otherwise, continue straight."
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I used to do this meme all the time, but haven't in a while. [ profile] dr_whom reminded me of its existence. You guys know how this works: identify the songs from the first lines, comment, I'll strike through the ones that have been guessed. No Googling.

1. He's always trouble with his noncomplacent shotgun eyes
2. A long long time ago I had a bit of blow
3. Sometimes I'm right, sometimes I'm wrong
4. In the middle of the side of the road
5. Destiny was calling Monday afternoon
6. Now I've been happy lately
7. I know your eyes in the morning sun

8. I saw the scene unfold on a rainy Saturday
9. One day I went walking down a lonesome road
10. She's got eyes like Zapruder
11. There's a plastic dwarf warlord
12. This is not love, this is not even worth a point of view
13. Took you in the vineyard a couple hours after I met you

14. What up dawg, what you been up to
15. Uh-huh, holy shit, it's about time you get off my dick
16. I can take the rain on the roof of this empty house

17. Oh my fair north star, I have held to you dearly
18. Girl, don't tell me that it's morning
19. In my dreams I'm dying all the time
20. Royal Canadian blended

21. She collapses
22. Tell you I'm not gonna leave but I do anyway
23. I used to be lunatic from the gracious days
24. I've learned how to wait (say forever)
25. Your cruel device
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This makes me insane amounts of happy, for serious and for true.

Yeah, I'm following the Killjoys stuff. I think concept albums are MCR's strength--I don't like most of their early stuff (they worked hard to deserve that reputation as the emo band), but Black Parade is pretty good, and the universe they're building around Danger Days is actually seeming really fantastic. I'm looking forward to the comic book even more than the album.
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[Poll #1632217]

EDIT: Whoops, I forgot there are people who don't have [ profile] crazybutsound and [ profile] imagines on their flists, and therefore may not know who Ryan Ross is. He was the lyricist and guitarist for Panic! At The Disco, but he blew that joint a year ago and is now making what I consider to be some pretty respectable music as the lead singer and guitarist for The Young Veins, a "retro-inspired rock" group that kind of tries to be the Beatles and the Beach Boys at the same time. Here's one of my favorite TYV songs on YouTube.
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In that last post, I picked Muse for the "favorite band" question, which reminded me that I had some Muse in my iTunes that I hadn't really listened to, so I went and listened to it, and I found "Undisclosed Desires."

This song makes me want to cry, and spin poi, and have sex, and curl up on the floor with my friends in a dark hot room talking about nothing. It makes me lose myself in vague, disconnected thoughts about thalamic function and neural rhythm patterns and the limbic system. It makes me wish I had a really good sound system and no neighbors. It makes me really, really want to see Muse in concert again.

Your music

Aug. 17th, 2010 12:24 am
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The list )

This is probably meant to mean the music I listen to, but really, my musical tastes aren't that interesting to talk about, so I am interpreting to my satisfaction.

I think I was about six when I decided I wanted to learn to play the violin. I have a rather impressively scattered history of teachers from all over the map stylewise. I started out learning from a UC Davis student looking to earn some cash who taught me whatever sheet music she happened to run across. This meant I kicked off my musical career with "Hall of the Mountain King," a few random classical pieces, an Irish jig, and the Star Wars theme song. I had a few lessons in the back room of a local music store with a guy I don't remember at all, then I moved on to Florie Brown. I knew her from the Celtic band Golden Bough, which I'd seen play at ren fests, and I was really excited to learn that style of music, but she turned out to teach by the Suzuki method. By that time, I'd learned enough of a variety of music that I had no patience whatsoever for Suzuki--you only got to work on one song at a time! Ridiculous!

Around then, or perhaps a few years later, I started taking community college classes. I happened to start the first semester that a particular class called World Music Ensemble was offered. It turned out to be the least structured and possibly the most fun class I've ever taken. We all showed up every Sunday, sat in a circle, and jammed for five hours. We played traditional music from around the globe, all painstakingly written out from memory by the teacher, an extreme hippie and very cool guy named Bob Wren. Halfway through the semester, we got our first paid gig. I kept playing with them until I left California--we usually used the money from gigs for pizza parties and so forth. I just googled for them, and it looks like the Sacramento Press did an article about them this year, so I guess they're still going after more than eight years. Which is totally awesome.

In Kansas City, I was led deep into several varieties of trouble by a girl named Leeanne, whom I met in French class. One of the many hijinks we got into was a "band" named Seoul (get it? Soul? Yeah, that was her idea) which consisted of her on the guitar and me on the bass. We formed the band because Leeanne wanted to enter a talent competition. I had never actually played the bass, but she assured me that this would not be a problem. I got in one ten-minute practice session at her house before she dragged me onstage and into what I'm sure was a truly awful rendition of "Cold Feelings" by Social Distortion, a song I had never even heard. I was hooked, and begged for a bass guitar for Christmas that year, which I received and named Milo.

The violin is currently in California at my grandpa's house. Milo is in Chicago with Clayton, who has been using it since I moved out three years ago and looked absolutely devastated when I mentioned the possibility of bringing it to Seattle now that I have room for it. I'd like to play music again; I'll probably retrieve the violin next time I visit CA.

augh halp

Jun. 20th, 2010 02:33 pm
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Yesterday I decided I wanted to learn how to make a mashup. So I downloaded Audacity and found copies of "Dig It" from Holes and "Diggah Tunnah" from The Lion King 1 1/2, and I spent a few hours googling tutorials and screwing around with Audacity to figure out how it works, and I spent a few more hours sampling and experimenting and generally having a good time. And I just finished a rough cut, and the program was acting kind of weird, taking a long time when I told it to play, so I saved it and restarted the application.

Now it's giving me an error message saying it can't open my file because it doesn't exist. There's just shading in the segments where the music was. The only version it will open is the mp3 I exported of the first few seconds to make sure exporting would work. I saved and opened the file several times before, so I don't know what's wrong. I really don't want to lose all that work. Obviously it wasn't good, because I've never done this before and I didn't have individual tracks to work with, but I spent a lot of time on it and I want it back. Anyone know what might have happened?
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I just heard this cute little song on Pandora. It includes a bunch of banter, as Barenaked Ladies are wont to do, but I've pared out most of it here.

A is for "aisle"
B is for "bdellium"
C is for "czar"
And if you see him, would you mind telling him
D is for "djinn"
E for "Euphrates"
F is for "fohn"
But not like when I call the ladies
G is for "gnarly"
H is for "hour"
I is for "irk"
J is for "jalapeno"
Good in either corn or flour... tortillas
K is for "knickknack"
L is for "llama"
(What's so strange about "llama"?
It starts with two Ls.
What's the second one for?
No idea.)
M is for "mnemonic"
N is for "ngomo"
O is for "ouija" board
P for "pneumonia," "pterodactyl," and "psychosis"
Q is for "qat"
R is for "argyle"
(No, it isn't.
Okay, you're right, I couldn't find a good R word.)
S is for "Saar"
A lovely German river
T for "tsunami"
A wave that makes me quiver
U is for "urn"
But not like earning money
V for "vraisemblance"
From French and therefore kind of funny
W for "wren," "wrinkly," and "who"
X is for "Xian"
An ancient Chinese city, true
Y is for "yiperite"
A very nasty gas
And zed's the final letter
And by final I mean last
(Okay, when you say "zed," for the benefit of our American friends, you really mean Z, right?
No, I mean zed. Like, Zed Zed Top.)
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Well, God, it's like this
It may be arrogance or just appalling taste
I'd rather use my pain than let it all go to waste
On some old god who tells me what I want to hear
As if I cannot tell obedience from fear
I want to take my pleasures where and how I will,
Be they disgraceful or distasteful or distilled
And to be frank I find that life has more appeal
Without a driver who's asleep behind the wheel

--"Don't Look Down" by the Divine Comedy (YouSendIt link)

The song is actually about a Ferris wheel, and the rest of it is quite good too, but that was the part that made me stop washing the dishes and check my iPod to see what I was listening to.
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EDIT: He is actually the younger member. I was too excited to do math.
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Here's Ben Folds' fake new album, leaked by Ben Folds, and here's a story about how this happened. Everyone, including Ben Folds, seems to like "Bitch Went Nutz" best, but I really love "Cologne."
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Wouldn't it be great if no one ever got offended?
And wouldn't it be great to say what's really on your mind?
I have always said all the rules are made for bending
And if I let my hair down, would that be such a crime?

I wanna be consequence free
I wanna be where nothing needs to matter
I wanna be consequence free

I could really use to lose my Catholic conscience
'Cause I'm getting sick of feeling guilty all the time
And I won't abuse it, yeah, I've got the best intentions
For a little bit of anarchy but not the hurting kind

I wanna be consequence free
I wanna be where nothing needs to matter
I wanna be consequence free

I couldn't sleep at all last night
'Cause I had so much on my mind
And I'd like to leave it all behind,
But you know it's not that easy
Oh, for just one night

Wouldn't it be great, if the band just never ended
We could stay out late and we would never hear life's call
We wouldn't need to worry about approval or permission,
We could slip off the edge and never worry about the fall

I wanna be consequence free
I wanna be where nothing needs to matter
I wanna be consequence free

--"Consequence Free" by Great Big Sea


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