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Hands-down best moment of being a production assistant for Jonathan Coulton on Friday: carrying one of four cakes in a procession with Jonathan, Paul, and Storm. I think Storm got part of it on video- I hope it makes it onto the DVD. I thought four cakes wasn't going to be enough for the sold-out show, but there was actually quite a bit left over.

For those of you wondering who the heck this Jonathan Coulton guy is, here's his website, and here's an article about him that appeared on the Yahoo! main page on Friday. You may have heard "Code Monkey," "Still Alive" (from Portal), or "Re: Your Brains." He posted a while back about needing PAs for this show, and [ profile] otherwise_nyc pointed me toward it. He'd already gotten the people he needed by the time I e-mailed him, but he contacted me a few days before the show to see if I was still available. (I wasn't, but I damn well made myself available. You don't pass up something like this.)

Other highlights from the day:

-I stuck a mini-flashlight and a Leatherman in my pocket before I left, figuring they might come in handy. Sure enough, I used both of them within fifteen minutes of stepping inside the theater.
-At one point, Jonathan handed me eight twenty-dollar bills and asked me to get fives. I went to several stores before I managed to break them all, and realized after I had succeeded that the three places I'd gone to were a smoke shop, a liquor store, and a porn theater.
-Part of the concert involved Jonathan playing "Still Alive" on a version of Rock Band that hasn't come out yet, so earlier in the day, I got to hang out with one of the Harmonix people who actually created Rock Band.
-JoCo and Co. failed "Still Alive" at 99% during the show. The Harmonix dude said that that's practically impossible to do.
-When I opened a bag of yellow polypropylene rope to use for blocking off areas for the cameras, I discovered a priceless little booklet entitled, "Proper Use And Care Of Rope." The first page begins, "CAUTION! IMPORTANT ROPE KNOWLEDGE."
-The camera script included some amusing bits, including "***JIB: swivel, scan the audience (wide lens); swoop and hunt, scare people," "The next song is his 'last song' (not really though)," and "Shoot people eating cake." (When I read that last, my immediate reaction was, "Cake AND death!")
-Jonathan thanked his PAs onstage, and several clusters of friends of mine hollered when he said my name. Thanks, guys. :P

Most of what I actually spent my time doing was grunt work- taping down cables, hauling furniture around, fetching things from across the building, etc. But it was fun. I got to watch the camera guys doing their thing, and all the other behind-the-scenes activity necessary for something like this, which was fascinating. Gaff tape is now my bitch, after a lot of trial and error. My muscles certainly got a good workout. Nearly everyone I met was nice and polite and fun to be around, including Jonathan, with whom I got to chat a bit. I got free food, and got to watch the concert for free too. All in all, it was a great experience, and I'm really looking forward to seeing the DVD.
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Yep, Leo finally gave me that private plane ride he promised me years ago. I even got to take the controls for a little while- apparently it's legal to let unlicensed passengers fly the plane. It's harder to keep a vehicle moving evenly when you're dealing with three axes than when you only have to worry about one, but it was incredibly fun. Further details and pictures will be posted soon ("soon" being next time I manage to get my laptop within range of a wireless connection, which won't be until Sunday at the earliest).

Incidentally, I haven't had a chance to check my flist in about two weeks, and I'm only getting at my e-mail every other day or so. Telephone is probably the best way to contact me until further notice.
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First off, I'm completely fine with regards to the chemical explosion. It was about four and a half miles away from Penn Valley, so we weren't within the area that was evacuated, and the cloud was drifting more west than south. I'm not going outside anyway- the hot tub sounds really good, but acid rain does not, even if it doesn't have a "high rate of toxicity." Here's the most recent story about it I can find.

Secondly, I do not appear to be completely fine with regards to my health. I first noticed the headache around noon yesterday. By the time I went to work at 2:00, it had gotten really painful. Mom picked me up to get me away from the explosion around 3:15, and just after I got home, I collapsed on the couch with pain from the back of my eyes to the base of my neck, a sore throat so bad I could barely whisper, a fever, chills, and pain sporadically shooting through my eardrums. I fell asleep just after taking some Tylenol (which should tell those of you who know me well how badly it hurt; I hate drugs and avoid them whenever possible). I woke up at midnight and went to the bathroom, and on the way back, began shivering so intensely that I couldn't walk and nearly fell over. Bill, bless his heart, brought me Kleenex and a paper bag, which I thought was funny because snot and vomiting were pretty much the only symptoms I wasn't having. I was grateful when I woke up this morning, though, because my nose was stuffed and I felt nauseous, though that last might have had something to do with not having eaten anything except an orange in about 20 hours.

I've made the executive decision not to go to school today, even though it's not closed (it did close for evening classes last night due to the chemical cloud). The headache is mostly gone, but the fever, sore throat and chills are very much still present, so I'm thinking leaving the house would not be the best idea.
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This weekend was going to be my weekend of getting things done. It ended up being my weekend of socializing extensively. Jasmine, Sharai, Kat and I went to Westport yesterday. Kat and I ended up in one of the booths at the art fair for a total of about an hour. I'm not normally an art person, and it's difficult for me to find a painting I can stare at for a long time without getting bored, but these were truly amazing. The guy only does the one fair each year, and he doesn't have a website, which kind of sucks. I'm glad I found him at all, though.

Jasmine spent the night and we went to church this morning. We played the Pictionary-type game I learned at Chainsaw's party. Ann and Colin were there, and the four of us went to Jerusalem Cafe for lunch, then picked up Sharai and hung out at my house until Walk As One. (Hot tubs are fun in the rain.) I didn't actually go on the walk, because of miscommunications regarding where Kat was going to meet me, but I got to see Emily and Terrance and Ashley and Manal and Mikhala and Deth (Deth is running for city council!). Calvin was supposed to be there, but he didn't show. And there were oranges. Overall, it was a success. Except that Theis Park is not wheelchair-accessible, so things kinda sucked for Colin.

Ann had to go home, but the rest of us (Jasmine, Sharai, Kat, and me, plus Dan, whom we picked up at some point) went to my house and hung out until around nine. My entire family plus Spencer, Denis, and Christian were already here, so the place was pretty crowded for a while. I burned a bunch of copies of a Hellogoodbye album, because we listened to a song from it in Ann's car and everyone fell in love, and I burned Sharai a Muse mix. There was food. I showed off my gymnastic skills (whee, I can lean back into a backbend), taught Kat a couple of techniques I learned in karate class, and nearly fell asleep on Dan in the car on the way back from dropping off Jasmine.

Now everyone is gone, and I'm eyeing my "to do over the weekend" list with some trepidation. There are consequences to be paid for partying.
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I left the house this morning at 7:09, and walked in the door four minutes ago, at 9:58 PM. I love having a busy schedule.

Highlights of today:

-I called Dr. Landuyt, and this one-on-one honors seminar is going to be great. I get to pick the topic, and I get to pretty much do whatever I want to do as a project. I'm thinking maybe I'll write that homeschooling report I've been meaning to design for new and prospective homeschoolers, and just make it more in-depth than originally planned.

-One of the people in my group for the political science project on developing countries is from Haiti, so we picked that as our country. We can use anecdotal evidence from her and interview her Haitian friends. This will be awesome.

-I found the "I have a cat" dude and asked him about the statement, because I just had to know. It was exactly as random as it seemed. He had no reasoning behind it. I think I'm in love.

-I talked to Vicki Raine, the head of the Humanities department, and she sent out an e-mail about the literary magazine to an English teacher, my boss at the TLC, Mindy (Student Activities boss), and two deans. This is a Good Thing.

-Shannon met her husband when they were both working at Chuck E. Cheese's. He worked the cash register and she was the person that danced around in the mouse costume at birthday parties. Sharai and I both find that hilarious.

-Speaking of Sharai, she's Christian! Yes, she's been one of my best friends for months, and I've known her for about a year, and I've somehow never figured that out. I prefer to think that she just doesn't throw it in people's faces, rather than that I'm just supremely oblivious.

-Mia called to ask a question about her French homework, and ended up telling me about her first few days of classes. She's never been to school, so the people in the back row dicking around on the Internet while her English teacher read a story was very weird for her. It sounds like she's enjoying herself and doing well so far, though, so yay for Mia!

-My first karate class was tonight. It was fantastic. It was like exercise, only fun, and without the discomfort. Sean from the bookstore is in it, so I know one person, and the guy I got paired up with (we were matched by size) was really nice. I'm going to need to buy dark exercise pants and tennis shoes that fit, because I was definitely not properly attired for the class. At least I wore a sports bra.
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Yesterday (that is, Tuesday):
-Sharai and I met with Zola about the banned books club (now dubbed "Novel Challenge"), and we've got a good plan.
-We went to Costco with Mom, and Sharai finally bought me my birthday foamy soap. Yay, foamy soap!
-Mom and I went to Korma Sutra, a great Indian restaurant, to celebrate my grant. It was delicious, though my leftovers seem to have mysteriously disappeared. I'm kind of sad. I wanted those.
-We went to an empty parking lot down by Target, and I learned how to drive. It was a little scary and very fun. Mom didn't freak out quite as much as I expected her to, except when I hit the brake too hard. And we only had one run-in with a police officer. Now I need to get my permit at some point.
-I discovered that none of the schools I want to visit in Boston offer tours or information sessions on Saturdays or Sundays. Which kind of sucks, as I was planning to spend this weekend there. I guess I should have planned further ahead. Anyone have any ideas as to what I should do? I'll call Aunt Amanda about it tomorrow.

-I got a bass amp. We were going to get a used one, but this one was less than a hundred dollars new, and I like it a lot. I can actually hear Milo clearly without plucking the strings really hard, which makes me very happy.
-I watched the rest of "About A Boy." It was kind of ehh. Not bad, but I wouldn't watch it again. I thought the kid was a pretty crappy actor, Hugh Grant wasn't at his best either, and there was some really morally misleading stuff about conformity that I didn't like. But it was cute.
-Sharai came over, then Ethan and Laura came over, then we all took the bus to an Italian restaurant to meet Jonhenry for dinner, then Josie picked us up and took everyone home. I fell over rough-housing with Ethan on the bus and now I have a mondo-bruise at the top of my right thigh. Owch.
-I talked to Jasmine on the phone. Sounds like we definitely need to put together an Anytown field trip to Passages: me, her, Rain, Calvin, Colin, and Terrance. And now I have the Anytown song in my head again.
-Laura called me in tears, saying that she'd broken up with her boyfriend. It wasn't exactly a surprise (it had been coming for a long time), but it still sucked for her, and I stayed on the phone with her until she'd calmed down a little.

Tomorrow I have a tutor training thing at UMKC (50 bucks for 4.5 hours, which is a hell of a lot more than they pay me for actual work). Friday morning is a Student Activities meeting. I'm going straight from the meeting to the airport- Clay is coming back about three hours before I leave.
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Here's what I did:

-Attended a TLC writing tutor meeting
-Attended part of a staff lunch with the president of Penn Valley
-Attended the last ten minutes of a meeting with the cafeteria people to complain about unfriendliness toward vegetarians
-Renewed my library book online
-Signed up and paid for my summer class (which involved trips to the registrar's office and the Dean of Students, because no matter how many times I wave my transcript in their faces, I still need to get permission to be a student under the age of 16 every single damn semester)
-E-mailed the K-9 Club girl, Amy, about a possible job
-Talked to Dr. Franklin, Mindy, Vicki, Craig, and Lisa about the literary magazine, which looks like it's actually going to happen
-Went to the bank and got cash for the trip
-Called Judith about the church's donation to my Anytown tuition
-Called [ profile] crazybutsound to work out trip details
-Edited, printed and mailed a submission to Cicada magazine
-Cleared out all the crap in my shelf in the hallway
-Washed, dried, folded and put away three loads of laundry
-Located and wrote down all the addresses and phone numbers I might need to get hold of [ profile] crazybutsound if Matt and I get horribly lost tomorrow
-Cleaned my room
-Vacuumed my room
-Cleared the dishwasher
-Burned three CDs for Tommy
-Packed for the trip
-Charged Zephyr and obtained Cordell's iPod battery pack thing

I also, sadly, passed up an opportunity for free tickets to see Bill Cosby next Tuesday. Sigh.

Oh, and the Ten Cup is going to have a sandwich inspired by me. It's full of cheese and butter and pork, and Edward named it "Vegan Go Home" with me in mind. I'm not sure whether to laugh or cry at this.
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My week has just taken an abrupt turn to the SQUEE!

If it's not at the top when you click the link, scroll down.

Damn. I mean, damn. That's me. That's ME.

EDIT: A direct link.
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Got up at 7:30, because I had to go to All Souls at 9:45 and the boys got on a plane at noon. Cord found th

STOPPING THERE BECAUSE CANNOT HOLD IT IN ANY LONGER BASS BASS BASS I GOT A BASS LOOKIT! Gorgeous, it's absolutely gorgeous. I still need an amp and a strap, but those are Procurable Items.

Also, [ profile] slightly_wrong got me a fabulous trench coat, the exact kind I've been looking for, and Santa brought a really nice foam DDR pad for the family. Here's an absolutely adorable picture I took of Bill on the new pad and Link on the old one. And Cordell got me an aluminum iPod Shuffle case, because my old one broke. I still haven't figured out how to get any type of lanyard on it so I can hang it around my neck, but I shall figure it out somehow. (It's a Griffin iVault, if anyone has any advice.)

Yes, I know, I'm materialistic and giving is the real joy of Christmas.

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Got up at seven AM today, because it's bloody Tuesday. Bill offered me a ride in, which was nice of him as it was about twenty degrees out and I can't find my gloves. It was the last day of honors seminar, and Jennifer gave her presentation on abstinence education. She passed around a handout her son brought home from school. It actually said that condoms cause disease and death, and included a six-inch diagram of the difference in size between a condom defect and an HIV virion. Interesting presentation, albeit a little scary.

I finally got the issue sorted out with Penn Valley HR, and I am now officially hired. Training is January 11th and 12th, and classes start on the 18th. That makes me very happy. Algebra was Algebra- I started in on the second page of complaints about the teacher to put in the letter to the math department head. I got my honors project and big research paper back from my English teacher- 100% on the former and A-minus on the latter, but the minus is only there because she marked me down for things she didn't mention on the draft. After class, I was at the drinking fountain when a girl behind me said my name. I turned around to see a girl from English, who said in a nervous voice, "Sorry to bother you, but I have a problem with my computer, and you seem like the smartest person in class. Can you help me?" I was astounded, and it turned out I actually could help her, despite my far-from-complete mastery of that machine known as the PC. High point of the day.

After French, I stopped on the third floor to talk with some people I know (Nicki from Student Activities, her awesomely wacko boyfriend Joe, and a girl who will be in my Newswriting and Reporting class next semester, whose name I'm not sure how to spell- ShaRae? Shiray?) I ended up hanging out for an hour eating those yummy gold-wrapped chocolate nut balls and then getting a ride home. Joe has Dan's gay-acting-straight-guy thing going, only more so. It's really funny.

I walked in the door to find a kajillion moms and kids sitting around our dining room table making gingerbread houses. They're the good homeschooled kind of families whose kids are polite, though, so I didn't mind.
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An account, with links to pictures, of the family Jones Holiday Soda tasting. )
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Ah, it's 12:27 and I have to be at Cold Stone at nine... I'll make this quick.

I got about eight and a half hours of sleep last night, which is more than I've been getting lately. I only had one class today, French- I answered about five questions right, which made me happy. Afterward I walked to Westport and bought Kat's birthday present, after navigating my way through the flurry of art-fair setting-up. I'm not saying what I got her on the off chance she'll read this before her party tomorrow, but I got it from World Market. I was fifty-six cents short, but they let me have it anyway, which was really nice. A lady asked if I'd participate in a survey for ten bucks, which would have been awesome, but you apparently had to be eighteen.

I walked up Southwest Trafficway back to Penn Valley. I'd never approached it from that direction before, so I got to walk through the Carter Arts Center for the first time. Not that I'd been prevented from going there before or anything, but I never had a reason to. I hung around in the little study alcove by the computer lab for an hour or so. I was doing stretches when a guy came up and started hitting on me. It's nice to be hit on, but it's even nicer to be hit on by beautiful people, and beautiful he definitely was. It brightened up my day.

Then I wandered down to the Student Activities Office. I would have gone sooner if I'd known Mindy, Joshua, Stephanie and Victor were all in there. I pimped "I Found Jesus" ( a hilarious song about a guy lusting after Jesus) from Zephyr and helped out with the showing of "The Incredibles," which Casey was supposed to handle but flaked. Stephanie took me and Victor aside to tell us that without us, she would be having a nervous breakdown. It's always nice to know I'm needed. I stuck around Student Activities for a while longer to enter survey data because we don't have Access at home, then called Mom to pick me up at around eight-thirty. Stephanie had asked me to set up an AFBG shop on Cafepress, so after eating dinner and doing some much-needed tidying around my room, I did that. Check it out- that's just what I threw together in a few minutes, though, so I'm sure there'll be more stuff on there in a few days.

Tomorrow: Cold Stone "audition" at 9, Kat's party at 10 (if I'm done with the interview in time...), Phi Theta Kappa meeting at noon (have been enlisted to pimp the Social Security debate there, although Victor, as an officer, gets speaking time, so hopefully he'll deal with that). Also must make Talk Like A Pirate Day flyers and research government involvement in AIDS for honors seminar, because I'm going to ren faire again Sunday and thus won't have a ton of time to do stuff before Monday.

This whole having a life thing is a little weird for me, to be perfectly honest.

To change the subject completely, this Newgrounds video is funny but slightly disturbing.
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*points to title* That's what today was. Seriously, it was the best day I've had in a while.

I got up at eight, had a bagel, and trotted off for the bus, Student Activities Council collage in hand. My algebra teacher is a moron, but I'm doing all right anyway, I think. Check with me again after I get the results of tomorrow's quiz back. I was supposed to have SAC office hours, but there was nobody there. They were all tie-dying with the UPS guys out front. Which is honestly pretty cool. I chatted with a UPS guy for a while, then went to the library with the intention of starting in on homework. I sat down, pulled out a pencil, and proceeded to spend an hour writing an essay about the concept of loving America and how I relate to the idea. This was not homework, by the way, just something that popped into my brain, and I felt better after I'd written it.

In French, we were supposed to team up into pairs and compose a conversation consisting of the vocabulary words we've learned so far. Leanne, my partner, had somehow located a list of French swear words. The teacher was listening with a great deal of amusement to quite a bit of our argument over whether or not it would be okay to use any of them in our dialogue, so I knew she wouldn't be horrified by much... so when Leanne insulted me in her part of the dialogue, I responded with derision, "Mange moi!" ("Eat me!") Far from being horrified, Madame Brandt, after she stopped laughing, actually gave me extra credit for creative use of French. I shit thee not. I love this teacher.

Then was the Advocates 4 Better Government officer meeting, which four of the five officers attended. At one point, we voted on what topic the first general debate will be on, and the vote was split in half. I jokingly suggested Rock, Paper, Scissors, and no one could think of a better idea, so I beat Victor's pants off in a two-out-of-three game. As secretary, I'm responsible for recording the meetings, typing up the minutes and sending them to Stephanie to check over before passing them out. After the meeting, I went to the computer lab to type them up because I had some spare time, and I was there for about five minutes before Victor sat down at the computer next to me and engaged me in a roughly 45-minute argument about Macs vs. PCs. During this time, I was typing up the minutes. I noticed he was watching my screen, so I added in, "The vote was split evenly between Iraq and Social Security. Julia and Victor debated using Rock-Paper-Scissors to determine the outcome- Madame Secretary’s sk1llz far surpassed those of the lowly historian, and the debate topic will be Social Security." His reaction amused me, but the e-mail returning the checked-over minutes amused me more: Stephanie actually left it in, "lowly historian" and all. I cracked up for about ten minutes when I got it.

I tried and failed to enroll in honors seminar- apparently I need a letter from one person, a form from another and permission from a third before I can enroll in a class that Ms. Harrington supposedly kept open for enrollment. It's a pain, but it would be more of a pain if I had to take classes next summer. It'll get sorted out tomorrow, though, and all is well.

Chess club went well. Ryan was there, Mollie's brother, and so was his mom. She actually said hi to me, albeit not too warmly. I played an hour-and-a-half-long game with Kat, which I almost managed to stalemate again, and then a maybe ten-minute game with a kid called Thomas who played fast, wildly and well. I spotted Kat with the new Andrew Clements book, "Things Not Seen," and we had a brief wrestling match between there and the reference desk to determine who got to check it out first. David said he could order another and have it in tomorrow, though, so no hard feelings. Right, Kat? Right?

I got home, wrote my response to the English reading and went over algebra for the quiz tomorrow. I'll do the French audio if I have time before class- must remember to budget time for that tomorrow afternoon. I called Karen, and it looks like I'm going to get to go to the Renaissance fair and help with her psychic booth in exchange for free admission, lunch, and tips. That should be fun.

I'm feeling very optimistic right now. Life is going well. Now, hot tub and bed.
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The good: I think I'm getting this whole French thing, and enjoying it too.
The bad: I'm struggling in algebra already and the semester started a week ago.
The good: Kat and I have three weeks' worth of exercises for writing group.
The bad: Nobody except the twins showed today, and no one except Bronte showed last week.
The good: I talked to Davin today, and got into the honors program.
The bad: For the honors program, I have to take three semesters of honors seminar and get fifteen credits of honors projects, meaning two projects per semester including this one. It's gonna be a challenge...
The good: I e-mailed the teacher of this fall's honors seminar, whom I'd met at the AIDS Walk, and she's fine with my joining late. Plus, the seminar is on HIV/AIDS, and I'm really interested in that.
The bad: She told me, "Of course I remember you, Julie!"
The good: Honors seminar doesn't interfere with any of my classes.
The bad: Honors seminar is at eight AM on Tuesdays. Meaning I get on the bus at 7:22. Meaning I get up at 6:30. Six. Thirty. Every. Tuesday. O.O
The good: I saw Jonhenry today.
The bad: We broke up.
The good: It was like when me and Dan broke up- "this isn't working, let's be friends."
The bad: Metanoia didn't update yesterday because Jesse Hajicek hurt his wrist.
The good: It's updated now, with more full-color psychotic Zan-dream. (At least, I'm pretty sure it's Zan's dream.)
The bad: Only two pages. Meh.
The good: Mom made this delicious curry thing for dinner. It was the first time she's cooked for the entire six-person family since May.
The bad: I have to clear the drainers, sweep, do homework for all three classes, and then get to bed early enough to get enough sleep not to be a zombie tomorrow, and it's ten to nine already.
The good: I'm organizing my first event on the Student Activities Council, a movie and speaker for National Coming Out Day on October 11th.
The bad: I need a speaker, and I'm not sure where to look. I'll do some intensive Googling when I have time.
The good: I'm keeping busy.
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Mom: Hey, I want popcorn and the baby's on my lap, can I talk you through the process?
Me: Sure. *fetches popcorn-making materials*
Phone: *rings*
Me: Hello?
Dan: Hey. 'Sup?
Me: Trying to make popcorn. Hey Mom, what do I do next?
Mom: *from the living room* Pour in the kernels, enough to cover the bottom of the pot, then put on the lid. Make sure you have a bowl ready.
Me: *obeys*
Popcorn: *begins popping*
Me: Pop... pop pop... hee!
Dan: *somehow manages to convey the rolling of eyes over the phone*
Popcorn: *goes insane like Sailor at a sleepover*
Mom: Take it off and pour some into the bowl, then put it back on the burner and wait for it to keep popping.
Me: *gets about half of the popcorn in the bowl, puts pot back on burner*
Popcorn: *doesn't pop*
Me: *waits about a minute*
Pot: *lid is steaming madly*
Me: Uh, Mom? It's not popping anymore...
Mom: Take it off of the burner! TAKE IT OFF!
Me: *takes it off* It smells funky, I think it burned...
Mom: Don't put burned popcorn in with the stuff you already took out.
Me: *takes off lid* It looks yellowish, and kinda nasty.
Mom: Aw man. Fill it with water.
Me: I'm afraid it's gonna explode if I do!
Mom: No, it'll hiss, but it won't explode.
Me: *turns on sink and sticks pot under faucet*
Pot: *explodes*
Me: *screams like a girl and drops the pot*
Pot: *sizzles loudly, emitting vast amounts of smoke*
Mom: *yelling something I can't hear over the sizzling*
Me: *pokes pot further under water because it isn't full yet*
Pot: *explodes again*
Me: *coughing, runs over to open the back door so the smoke alarm won't go off*
Pot: *relinquishes and dies, full of murky black water and unrecognizable brown puffs*
Kitchen: *is full of smoke*
Me: *runs into living room to get a breath of air* Should I open the front door, too?
Mom: Yeah, open the front door and turn on the whole house fan.
Me: How?
Mom: *whines about me pretending to be helpless*
Dan: Have I ever told you that with you, every phone call is an adventure?
Me: I have to go. *hangs up* Look, I'm not being stupid on purpose, okay?
Mom: No, I can see that it's totally an accident!
Me: *gives up, retreats into office, and puts on "Popcorn" on repeat*
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THE best breakup, THE best mood, and THE best bus drivers ever. )

Now my legs hurt. But it was SO worth it.

EDIT: I forgot the stuff I got on the Plaza! I got three "I Am Loved" buttons and a pamphlet on taking care of amythests from Helzberg and two lollipops from Bank of America.

(Oh, and Ben? I didn't touch Becca's hair, but you might want to blend it a little- it looks kind of sharp at the edges.)


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