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Co-worker #1: I like mini-pizzas. Things taste better when they're bite-sized. Everything should be small.
Co-worker #2: Do you want a premature baby, then?
Co-worker #1: It would be small and perfect.
Co-worker #2: It would be undersized and unhealthy.
Me: But delicious!
(total silence)
Me: :D?
Co-workers: O.o
Me: *slinks off*

...I thought it was funny.
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I like it when all my samples are the same size, because then I don't have to go in and recalculate mean/standard deviation/standard error if the value I'm calculating for happens to show up more than once in the results. *happy wiggle*

(There is nothing more awesome than using statistics on actual true-facts data, especially when I gathered the data myself. I am finding things out that no one has ever found out before. This is why I do this, you guys. *wiggle wiggle wiggle*)

ETA: seriously, when I run an analysis, there's a minute before I tell Dr. K the results when I am the only person in the universe who knows or has ever known this one little thing about how the world works. It's the most fucking amazing feeling I've ever had.
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I was over at Dr. K's today analyzing some data and talking her into buying me Photoshop (successfully, yay), and we were talking about getting an abstract ready for our AChemS poster submission, and she just kind of casually mentioned "first author, which would be you..."

dude, what?

Apparently I'm going to be listed as first author on this. I guess it sort of makes sense, looking back over the work that's been done in the lab since last year's conference. And I'll be the one doing the writing and layout and graphs for the poster itself. Still, I wasn't expecting this, and it feels sort of amazing.
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Every few months, Pier 1 starts a new Event. The Events involve stressing certain products, and they coincide with clearance markdowns. There's been the Bedroom Event, the Dining Event, etc. Lately, the Events have been given really silly names- Very Merry, Spring-A-Ding-Ding... yeah, I know, but hold on. It gets better. The latest event, which began Monday, focuses on fragrances, flowers/decor, teapots, and rocking chairs. (I don't know why rocking chairs.) The name is--are you ready for this?


We're supposed to talk these things up to customers. Casual approach, how are you doing today, have you heard about our Aroma-Rama-Mama-Rama sale?


Aroma-Mama... shit.
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Today, as I was taking the trash out at work, a bunch of kids (little kids, maybe eight years old or so) were hanging around behind the store, biking and skateboarding on the Michaels delivery ramp. As I emptied the cardboard into the recycling dumpster, they started showing off, circling closer to me and popping wheelies and such. I ignored them. Eventually, they all left, and one of them hollered at me as he passed, "Bye, baby!" I've heard those words in that tone before, from creepy old homeless guys at Kansas City bus stops when I'm boarding the bus. The little shit pretty much eradicated all my faith in the society of tomorrow.

Then they all came back and resumed their antics, and one of the smaller ones came over and asked me, tentatively and to all appearances sincerely, whether I was a cyborg.

Faith restored. ^_^
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1. Go to

2. Put in Username: nycareers, Password: landmark.

3. Take their "Career Matchmaker" questions.

4. Post the top ten results.

1. Professor
2. Biologist
3. Epidemiologist
4. Technical Writer
5. Writer
6. Communications Specialist
7. ESL Teacher
8. Foreign Language Instructor
9. Scientist
10. Microbiologist
All my results )

Note: this list is the one they gave me after I clicked the "Answer more questions to improve my results" button and answered 64 more questions. Before I did that, my third result was "taxidermist," which is just about the worst job I could possibly have.

"Psychologist," my current career plan, is all the way down at #33. That's because, even though the job description acknowledges several different types of psychologists, the questions determining my interest were geared toward counseling, and I'm not interested in that. I suppose my ideal job would be a combination of "psychologist," "researcher," and "professor," but the description of "professor" (my #1 result) was actually really close to what I want to do. I used to be neutral toward the idea of teaching, but the more classes I take, the more I find myself noticing what the professor is doing right, what they're doing wrong, and how I would do things differently.

Other jobs I would be interested in, either as careers or as hobbies: writer (5), scientist (9), print journalist (16), activist (17), critic (19), translator (26), inventor (30). I'm not clear on the difference between a researcher and a scientist, or why the latter was four places higher than the former.

"Bookbinder" showed up as #23. Maybe I should go with Grandpa to volunteer repairing books at the library.


Jun. 5th, 2007 01:27 am
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As I was cart-wrangling this evening around 9:45, a group of about eight young people in two cars pulled into the Price Chopper parking lot. They started blasting music, talking and laughing loudly, pushing each other around in shopping carts, and climbing on top of cars. I'm all about partying, but I also have work responsibilities, so I alerted the security guard on duty. He's new; I don't even know his name.

He ambled over to them with a cigarette in his hand and chatted with them for about five minutes, after which they cheerfully got back into their cars and left. I heard one of them call "Sounds good!" to the guard. I asked him what he'd said, and he told me that they'd been talking about car surfing, and he'd related to them his own experiences of motorcycle surfing on the highway. I don't know what else he said, but that's not important. The important part is that he talked to them, listened to them, identified with them, and solved the problem.

I'm really impressed. I wish all authority figures worked like that.
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Work: I'm only tutoring three hours a week this semester, and making up my other hours at the front desk with Sawnia. I'm really enjoying working for someone who actually likes me, and making copies and telling people how to scan in student ID cards is much less stressful than tutoring (though admittedly also less rewarding).

History: I like Gibson, and he seems like a good teacher... but his voice is so smooth and relaxing that I fear for my state of consciousness during his lectures.

Spectrum: the lock is not working properly. Sharai, Mark, Craig and I can't get in unless we have security come up. I'm not happy about this. And we only have four new people this semester, but I like all of them so far, so that's not too bad. Plus, I have two ideas for editorials already, which bodes well.

Statistics: I've heard some pretty bad things about Chappell, but he seems okay. (Then again, I doubted the horror stories I heard about Dr. Welch last semester, and look what happened with that.) He just went over the syllabus and talked about class organization and stuff like that, so I don't yet know how good he is at teaching math. I suspect the phrase "you know?" is going to get old fast.

Human Lifespan Development: Holy mackerel, that man can talk! We managed to get through an hour and a half of lecture about nothing at all. What a talent. I think it'll get better once we get into the textbook material, though; he was mostly just rambling today and getting to know us a bit. And he says "isn't that interesting?" as often as Chappell says "you know?"

Honors seminar: I showed up at the location printed on my class schedule at 5:30 and found a dark, empty classroom. No idea what happened with that. I'm going to contact the teacher today.

Karate: It's really, really, really good to be back.
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This is National Tutor Week, apparently, so all the tutors got candy and we have this morale-building paper star thing. Students are encouraged to write a note on a paper star to a tutor after a good session, just to let them know they're appreciated, and all the stars are put up on this bulletin board. Sharai made an appointment to look over her Guy/Girl paper with me (which we would have done anyway, but it gave me a kind of unofficial break from work) and was in the writing center for about twenty minutes. Before she left, Michelle told her to write a nice note to me on a star. She wrote, "Julia did an excellent job... but I brought in an excellent paper."

It was hung up on the board. My bosses rock.
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I spent the unplanned extra flight from Los Angeles to Las Vegas writing haiku about my trip. )

I got 24 out of 25 on my first speech. Considering how that went, I don't think I'm going to have much trouble in the class as a whole.

Just now...
Me: Hey Ashby, what does "él tiene cloro" mean?
Ashby: It means "he has something." Hang on, let me look up "cloro." Chlorine, he has chlorine.
Me: Thanks.
Me: I'm kind of a surreal coworker, aren't I?
Ashby: You're a little random, yeah.

According to the poll, I'm the only person who does somersaults, [ profile] rebbyribs is the only non-British person who bakes, and a lot of you talk to yourselves out loud. Next up: a survey of all you slashers for my sex class presentation.

Rain's dog died :(


Aug. 30th, 2006 08:29 am
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I don’t like routine, as a rule. It bores me to do the same thing day after day, or even week after week. And yet, this morning, I woke up when my alarm went off, got up, used the bathroom, got dressed, went downstairs, ate a quick breakfast, checked my e-mail, put on my backpack, took the bus to Penn Valley, and walked up to work. From six-thirty (six o’clock if I take a shower) to eight in the morning, there is very little variation in this routine.

It’s unusual for me to do the same thing every morning. In fact, I’ve only been following this particular routine since the first day of classes a week and a day ago. Unless I find a non-bus ride to school in the mornings, I doubt it will change until December. Normally, that would bother me. Somehow, though, I don’t mind.

I think it’s because this routine gets me from sleep to a state in which I can face the day. I’m always a little groggy at home and on the bus, but by the time I get to work, I’m ready and able to handle life as it comes. When Mom or Bill drove me to school most mornings, that grogginess stayed with me through my first class. This way, even if I’m still sleepy when I get to school, I have a few hours of early-morning work to help me wake up before I need to really focus on anything. (Of course I focus on my tutoring sessions, but most papers are suffering from a subset of a group of problems I've learned to explain so that most students will understand. I don’t always need to use my brain very much.)

If my routine stayed the same all day, every day, I would hate it. And my days now are similar enough that after a while, they could get old: I have the same schedule each week, plus or minus a few things, and I see mostly the same people. But it’s varied enough to keep me interested for now, and it will all change next semester. I’m happy with that.
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Maybe I'm just being overly picky, but on LJ's main page, it says "Baaaaah", says Frank. It kind of irks me.

I got up at 6:30 yesterday in order to be at the TLC when it opened at 8, just in case I was supposed to be there then. Good thing I did, too, because I was in fact scheduled to work at 8. Not only that, but I'm scheduled to work at 8 Monday through Friday all semester. Joy. At least they didn't schedule me for Saturdays. I spent most of the morning handing out coupons for free cafeteria stuff and helping new students figure out how to get to their classes.

I have Ms. Scott for political science, and she was very familiar with me, pretty much establishing me as teacher's pet. We'll see how long that lasts. Hopefully, she won't be too pissed at me by the end of class to give me a good recommendation letter. Sharai is in that class with me, which I suspect will save my ass multiple times this semester.

Sociology (Sex Roles and Sexuality) is interesting. The teacher didn't lecture, but had us all sit in a circle and introduce ourselves in great depth. She said that we'll be covering personal stuff during the class, so we need to be comfortable with each other. There were some boring people and some very interesting ones. One girl said perkily, "I'm eighteen, I have a sugar daddy boyfriend who's ten years older than me, and I'm taking this class because I like to have sex!" There's someone I know through All Souls in the class, too.

Someone needs notes taken for them, so I went down to ABLE/Access and signed up as a note-taker. As long as my handwriting is legible for the first three weeks and he doesn't drop out before midterms, I get fifty bucks at the end of the semester... which is pretty sweet for doing something I do already.

I played the "my love is like a storybook story" song from the credits of Princess Bride on my bass last night for about half an hour straight. I'd almost forgotten how incredibly therapeutic playing music is for me. I guess I got so frustrated with the Suzuki crap that I sort of gave up on the violin. I really hate the Suzuki method. It places a lot of emphasis on perfection- I remember my teacher making me play the same measure about fifty times in a row just because I'd settled into the habit of playing the open A string instead of the fourth finger on the D string. It didn't exactly spoil the violin for me forever, and I still play sometimes, but I always feel self-conscious. Milo just feels more peaceful. Besides, it's harder to play a sharp or flat note on a bass. And I love that "storybook story" song.
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-I am home. Airport security has been uncharacteristically easy on this trip.

-Watchmen is an absolutely excellent graphic novel, and if you haven't read it, I highly recommend borrowing it from me. As soon as Clayton, Bill and Cordell have finished it, in that order.

-Last night, I called Sharai from the beach and she told me that Ray had talked to her about the open executive editorial position, and we joked about fighting to the death over it. Today, Craig told her that he wants us both to have it. Eeeeexcellent.

-I lost the piece of paper with my tutoring hours on it, and I'm supposed to work tomorrow morning. I guess I'll just show up when the TLC opens tomorrow just in case, and copy down my hours from the chart then.

-Textbooks might have been a good thing to procure before the first day of classes. Ah, well. I'll pay for my procrastination by waiting in line for three hours tomorrow.

-I want a "Hello My Name Is" sticker, so I can write "Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die." on it and wear it tomorrow. Sadly, I have no "Hello My Name Is" sticker. Perhaps I'll drop by Student Activities tomorrow and see if they have any.

-I cracked up out loud at today's QC strip. And then cracked up again at the idea of [ profile] prodigal7512 doing his geek-smacking in a nun outfit.

Anybody feel like taking me to see "Snakes on a Plane" sometime after 3:15 tomorrow? Look at my icon- you know you want to buy that girl a movie ticket.
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Yesterday (that is, Tuesday):
-Sharai and I met with Zola about the banned books club (now dubbed "Novel Challenge"), and we've got a good plan.
-We went to Costco with Mom, and Sharai finally bought me my birthday foamy soap. Yay, foamy soap!
-Mom and I went to Korma Sutra, a great Indian restaurant, to celebrate my grant. It was delicious, though my leftovers seem to have mysteriously disappeared. I'm kind of sad. I wanted those.
-We went to an empty parking lot down by Target, and I learned how to drive. It was a little scary and very fun. Mom didn't freak out quite as much as I expected her to, except when I hit the brake too hard. And we only had one run-in with a police officer. Now I need to get my permit at some point.
-I discovered that none of the schools I want to visit in Boston offer tours or information sessions on Saturdays or Sundays. Which kind of sucks, as I was planning to spend this weekend there. I guess I should have planned further ahead. Anyone have any ideas as to what I should do? I'll call Aunt Amanda about it tomorrow.

-I got a bass amp. We were going to get a used one, but this one was less than a hundred dollars new, and I like it a lot. I can actually hear Milo clearly without plucking the strings really hard, which makes me very happy.
-I watched the rest of "About A Boy." It was kind of ehh. Not bad, but I wouldn't watch it again. I thought the kid was a pretty crappy actor, Hugh Grant wasn't at his best either, and there was some really morally misleading stuff about conformity that I didn't like. But it was cute.
-Sharai came over, then Ethan and Laura came over, then we all took the bus to an Italian restaurant to meet Jonhenry for dinner, then Josie picked us up and took everyone home. I fell over rough-housing with Ethan on the bus and now I have a mondo-bruise at the top of my right thigh. Owch.
-I talked to Jasmine on the phone. Sounds like we definitely need to put together an Anytown field trip to Passages: me, her, Rain, Calvin, Colin, and Terrance. And now I have the Anytown song in my head again.
-Laura called me in tears, saying that she'd broken up with her boyfriend. It wasn't exactly a surprise (it had been coming for a long time), but it still sucked for her, and I stayed on the phone with her until she'd calmed down a little.

Tomorrow I have a tutor training thing at UMKC (50 bucks for 4.5 hours, which is a hell of a lot more than they pay me for actual work). Friday morning is a Student Activities meeting. I'm going straight from the meeting to the airport- Clay is coming back about three hours before I leave.
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A student came into the TLC today for an appointment with me. He was Asian, and English was obviously his second language. He had a couple of papers with comments from the instructor for revision. He seemed intelligent, with good thoughts, but he had some issues with grammar and spelling- a fairly typical ESL student.

While going over his paper, I came across the word "perspicacious," underlined in red with three question marks from his teacher. At first I thought that he'd misspelled another word, but I couldn't figure out what word he meant, and he insisted that he had the right one. So I got a dictionary and looked it up.

Perspicacious: having or showing penetrating mental discernment; clear-sighted. He couldn't tell me where he'd learned the word, but he'd used it perfectly in his paper.

Because I don't know this particular instructor, I suggested he change it to a slightly more well-known word. If it had been Lisa or Casey, though, I would have told him to show them the definition and leave it in the paper.
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Orange is in fact just as Irish as green is. Green represents the Catholic Irish, while orange is the Protestant Irish. I am definitely wearing orange next St. Patty's Day.

-"Good Night and Good Luck" at church. It was... wow. I need to watch it about four more times in a row, and then reread "Inherit the Wind."
-Baskin Robbins and random Brookside stores with [ profile] slightly_wrong.
-NaNoWriMo followup group at the Roasterie with [ profile] kat_nano. I really need to set aside more time to write.
-"Pirates of the Caribbean" for the umpteen-hundredth time. It never, ever gets old.
-French homework, which I hadn't done at all over spring break. It wasn't hard to catch up, though- there wasn't really anything new in this chapter except some past tense stuff that I'd mostly figured out for myself.

-Jogging in the rain to the Chihuahua Song at 8 AM. That made me very happy.
-Spring break is officially over.
-Karen's appointed an interim writing center supervisor until they can hire a real one. This means I should probably start doing more working on handouts and reading the Writing Center Journal and less catching up on Achewood archives during work hours.
-Spectrum Joe cut his hair. He was a lot prettier with the long hair.
-Jefferson College kept cutting out during French, so Ms. Brandt pushed the quiz back to Friday, to give them enough class time to prepare. Yay.
-I saw the funniest, most horrible video EVER, and now I can't find it again. Some guy making fun of Cheney for hunting quail that were bred to be shot, and going to try it for himself. It had the quote, "It's like an Easter egg hunt. Of death." Anyone know what I'm talking about?

Ergh, my brain is trying to switch to French mode. I've almost started talking to my family in French twice today, and I keep muttering things in French under my breath without even realizing it.

EDIT: Oh, and the Best Grudging Compliment By A Slightly Homophobic Person award goes to Stephen, who admitted today that Kyle is, "um, symmetrical."
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Yep, Clay's hit a dozen. One more year and he'll be a teen. Boggle.

Regardless of the fact that without it I would still be unaware of the fact that the guy who plays Silent Bob also directed "Clerks," there was never meant to be a "Clerks II." And it would suck even without the Halle Berry lookalike.

I got my first paycheck today. Seventy-something bucks, whee. I'm going to pay back some of my Christmas debt to Mom, put some in the bank account, and keep some to buy coffee, because it's rude to go to coffeeshops without buying anything and I'm getting sick of studying in the library.

One of the new French students dropped out because he apparently hadn't taken French 101 (nobody's been able to figure out how he managed to sign up for 102) and the girl from East Central is quite obviously lost (she couldn't figure out what "chien" meant even after Ms. Brandt barked at her, for god's sake), but the other new people seem to be doing well. There's one called Rachel I like a lot, and another one (Tulani? Something like that) has the most awesome, massive, corkscrewy, red-and-black Afro ever. Hair like that makes me wish I was black.

Also, Student Activities. Erica, Dylynda, and Joshua's replacement Shannon were in the office today. Josh won't be leaving until next Friday, but he has barely any hours until then, so I haven't run into him yet. Shannon... she's nice and all, and I like her, but she hasn't really gotten the SAC atmosphere yet. She locks up her desk, her computer when she isn't using it, and the office when no one's there, which nobody ever does, and she wears formal clothes too. I think she'll loosen up, though- she just has to get used to us.

You know when you're in a really good mood and then someone says something and you just plummet to feeling like complete crap in .001 seconds? That's happened to me twice today, once just now. Meh. I did get a promise for a reference letter from Zola, one of my TLC bosses. When I asked, I made sure she knew that it was okay to say no because we haven't known each other all that long... but she told me that I come very well recommended, so she doesn't have any reservations. That was nice, because it means that Mindy, Ms. Sheeley and Dr. Spaulding gave me good references, and I was kind of worried about my reputation with the last two. Casey, one of the English teachers, was working in the writing lab while I was for three hours this morning, and we had a couple of really interesting discussions. I can't remember much of it, because I was practically asleep on my feet, but I'm very much looking forward to Friday mornings from now on.

I uploaded a couple of new icons, including this one, which is a pic taken of me by [ profile] shoutingboy at [ profile] vito_excalibur's birthday party.

Oh, I know what will make me feel better- hair dye! I've been waiting for some free time to do this. I hope you all are well, and I wish you a happy weekend.
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Of course the only day in, like, three semesters that my mom has refused to drive me in to Penn Valley for no reason has to be a) the first day of classes, b) the first day of my job at the TLC, c) the day after I was woken up at 2 AM by a squalling child and couldn't get back to sleep for friggen forever, and d) the day my morning routine was thrown fifteen minutes behind due to my brother's bathroom-stealing.

Despite my family's best efforts, however, I had a fairly good day. )

Mindy, the Student Activities Coordinator, and Nancy Harrington, last semester's honors seminar teacher, have both agreed to write me letters of reference, as well as [ profile] zdmania, who is a graduate of Reed. I have a list of other people to ask as well. The Reed admissions office said I could include more letters of reference than the required number, which they may regret if I get as many as I'm hoping to.
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Got up at seven AM today, because it's bloody Tuesday. Bill offered me a ride in, which was nice of him as it was about twenty degrees out and I can't find my gloves. It was the last day of honors seminar, and Jennifer gave her presentation on abstinence education. She passed around a handout her son brought home from school. It actually said that condoms cause disease and death, and included a six-inch diagram of the difference in size between a condom defect and an HIV virion. Interesting presentation, albeit a little scary.

I finally got the issue sorted out with Penn Valley HR, and I am now officially hired. Training is January 11th and 12th, and classes start on the 18th. That makes me very happy. Algebra was Algebra- I started in on the second page of complaints about the teacher to put in the letter to the math department head. I got my honors project and big research paper back from my English teacher- 100% on the former and A-minus on the latter, but the minus is only there because she marked me down for things she didn't mention on the draft. After class, I was at the drinking fountain when a girl behind me said my name. I turned around to see a girl from English, who said in a nervous voice, "Sorry to bother you, but I have a problem with my computer, and you seem like the smartest person in class. Can you help me?" I was astounded, and it turned out I actually could help her, despite my far-from-complete mastery of that machine known as the PC. High point of the day.

After French, I stopped on the third floor to talk with some people I know (Nicki from Student Activities, her awesomely wacko boyfriend Joe, and a girl who will be in my Newswriting and Reporting class next semester, whose name I'm not sure how to spell- ShaRae? Shiray?) I ended up hanging out for an hour eating those yummy gold-wrapped chocolate nut balls and then getting a ride home. Joe has Dan's gay-acting-straight-guy thing going, only more so. It's really funny.

I walked in the door to find a kajillion moms and kids sitting around our dining room table making gingerbread houses. They're the good homeschooled kind of families whose kids are polite, though, so I didn't mind.
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It is also very short and in a style I don't think I've ever tried before. It was supposed to end up purple, but that didn't happen for some reason. I actually kind of like it this way. I may add some purple and blue streaks at some point in the future. Two pics. The most notable comments I got today at school were, "Looks like a cross between Flock of Seagulls and a bull dyke" and "Wow, my stoner friends in New York would love it!"

I computed my math grade, and I can scrape a B if I become Shining Golden Algebra Student for the last week of class. Given my track record, that's not likely, but I shall do my absolute best.

[ profile] kat_nano and I went to a NaNoWriMo TGIO party last night, even though I didn't do it this year. We got there half an hour early and people didn't really come together for a while after it was supposed to start, so I got in some nice one-on-one chatting over coffee with Kat. Then we met the other NaNoers. I ended up describing to Kat, at great length, the plot of one of the two novels on my To-Write list. She had the best reaction I could possibly have hoped for- "That's brilliant!" when I told her the basic idea for the book, and "I want to buy this!" when I went into more detail. Later, on the way home, I talked to Mom about it, and she offered a wonderful solution to a problem that's been bugging me. I'm feeling pretty optimistic about that one- maybe I'll do it next summer (I'm doing NaNo in either June or August, because I had too much homework this last month).

Human Resources is, true to Dogbert's dire predictions, ruining everything job-wise. Well, I shouldn't say everything, but things will be more complicated. And Judith found somebody else for the church job (fie!) so I won't be doing that anymore. And it's bloody freezing, contributing to my overall gloom. Things aren't that bad, though. I just feel like complaining.

That's all my sleep-deprived brain has to say for now. 'Night.


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