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I had a dream that my mom came to visit me in Seattle (which she is going to do next month) and that I took her to a vegan restaurant called The Shack (which does not, to my knowledge, exist). "The Shack" was a bit of a misnomer, since the restaurant was in a castle. We went in and apparently before you eat there they give you a tour of the whole place. So they took us through the dining area, where we got samples of ALL THE FOOD (including like 20 different kinds of bread, one of which was maple-flavored and I kind of want to try making it now), and then they took us to the research dungeons where the food is developed! Not the kitchens. The research dungeons. And I was all O.O "CAN I WORK FOR YOU PLEASE" and they were like "well, we're looking for a project manager! But you have no project manager experience. We could give you an unpaid internship with potential for career advancement?" and I was about to say "YES YES YES WHEN DO I START" when I woke up.


Man, sometimes reality is a disappointment.
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I have just dreamed up the best sport ever: diabolo basketball. Everybody gets a pair of handsticks, and the rest of the rules are the same--you have to keep the diabolo in the air unless you're standing still, and the goal is to get it in a basketball hoop.

My subconscious is frickin' awesome.
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I dreamed last night that I used a cryptic crossword to help someone break out of jail. In the dream, I was a guy, and the person I was trying to spring was my brother (although he wasn't any of my actual brothers).

I don't have much memory of how the puzzle helped him. Most of the dream consisted of seducing the innocent teenage son of one of the guards, convincing him we were in love, and then cheerfully stomping on his heart once I'd used him to gain access to the prison. Poor kid. My subconscious is apparently kind of a bitch.
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(I remember this conversation very clearly, but I have absolutely no memory of the rest of the dream.)

“I apologize for the low lighting-“
(bumping into something) “-oops-“
“-the cutlery (we have all the cutlery that is, has been, or will be)-“
“-and the sensory deprivation windows.”
“Your room number is somewhere between 814 and 830, but I’m afraid I can’t ruin the mystery by telling you exactly which it is. Have a nice stay.”

(I have no idea why sensory deprivation windows would cause pain.)
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I just woke up from a nightmare that I'd submitted my health insurance waiver to Clark too late and had to pay an unnecessary $2,000 for my first year.

Jeez. What happened to giants and flying and stuff?
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I just woke up from a dream. I'll keep it short, because other people's dreams are boring, but I think this one was kind of neat:

This guy on a cruise ship didn't know the right way to separate lithium from iron, and [ profile] dalryaug tried to talk sense into him, but he just wouldn't listen. [ profile] projectyl, [ profile] rpipuzzleguy, and [ profile] tablesaw were there too, but they didn't participate much.

Then the PIRATES showed up. Pirates who killed everyone that couldn't separate lithium from iron! The guy was thrown overboard and all was well.

There's a moral here.

(I myself have no idea how to separate lithium from iron, or whether that might be a useful skill. I really should take things like chemistry and physics at some point or another. But it was still a cool dream.)

You know, I think I just realized where the idea of the combination of lithium and iron came from: a mental typo of "lithium-ion."
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Last night, I dreamed that I was doing the runaround for a Mystery Hunt, and I missed a cross-country flight. No, not to get to the runaround- that flight was the first step of the runaround. I blame Rhu's kids and Trip.

Speaking of Nationwide Hunt, anyone have any good stories about how your team solved that one?

(x-posted to [ profile] mystery_hunt)
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In keeping with my recent theme of dreams about NPL members, last night's slumber featured [ profile] qaqaq performing stand-up comedy and [ profile] rubrick (current age this time) participating in a cheerleader-like human pyramid.
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Last night, I dreamed that I was online, looking at a cryptic crossword discussion forum, and saw a post by [ profile] palecur. I called him and said, "I had no idea you did cryptics!" He said, "All the time," and I said, "You should come to the NPL convention this summer! Right, Tyler?" [ profile] rpipuzzleguy, who randomly happened to be in the room, agreed and then sneezed on my soy ice cream. (Dude, not cool, T.) Then I woke up.
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After getting off the bus this morning, standing at the corner of Linwood and Main, I felt a slight tickling on my neck. Thinking it was my headphone cord, I reached up to brush it off, and suddenly found this maybe one-and-a-half-inch cockroach bug thing squirming around on my hand.

I wonder if it crawled on me on the bus, or if it was in my trench coat when I put it on. The buses are usually pretty clean, which means that bug was probably on my person for about half an hour before I noticed it. It could have been in a pocket, but I rooted around in there for my bus pass, so it's more likely that it hid in the fold that covers the zipper of the coat.


My "indescribable" mood theme pic is perfect for this post.

EDIT: Dude! I just remembered last night's dream. I dreamed that you could set the text linking to the "read comment" page to be different for every day of the week. O.o


Oct. 5th, 2005 10:31 am
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I tried searching "jedusor" on Google's new blogsearch. The first three results were in French, the fourth and fifth were people I know mentioning me in blog entries I'd already read, and the sixth was someone I don't know at all quoting my Star Wars Episode III review. The rest of the first page was also in French, apart from someone linking to my Bunnicula Multiplicity and Pasquea entries.


I dreamed last night about Levi (a guy in my math class), my mom (who, upon laying eyes on Levi, said, "My God, you're pretty!"), [ profile] rubrick, Q from Seattle (who has an LJ, I'm sure, but I don't know what it is), and a weird combination person of [ profile] lizzip, [ profile] silverdolphin14, and a random guy I've never met.

YPS is the day after tomorrow... come to Penn Valley and check it out! 8:00-5:00, workshops 9 to 4, and some snacks and drinks will be provided.


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